Pirro on Ebola Crisis: ‘Tell Us the Truth For Once’

The Fox News Channel’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine” anchor, Judge Jeanine Pirro railed against the government’s handling of the Ebola crisis on Saturday.  

Pirro played clips of the president saying that the likelihood of Ebola coming to the US was low, and responded “Right, and you can keep your doctor and your healthcare plan. Al Qaeda’s on the run, and ISIS is not Islamic.”

She then laid out the failures of government officials in dealing with patient Thomas Duncan, stating “come along with me and see if what I say makes sense. Thomas Duncan, Ebola man, lied to come here. Now why did he need to come here? Did he know that after transporting a dying woman refused by a Liberian hospital and sent home to die that he was then at risk? he is not a US citizen…and if our hospitals are all Ebola trained, why after he told them that he came from Liberia did the Dallas hospital send him home for yet another three days, during which time he became more contagious, vomiting around the apartment complex and exposing kids to the virus, who then go to school? And I should feel safe when the hospital today actually admitted that they lied when they said they didn’t know he was from Liberia?” 

Pirro also slammed claims by government officials that they don’t want to cause a panic by saying “you don’t want us to panic? How about I don’t want us to die. Tell us the truth for once.”

She additionally recommended “no one and I mean no one should be allowed to enter the United States from any west African nation ravaged by Ebola and any American citizen who goes there and wants to come home needs to be quarantined for 21 days until we figure out what we’re doing.”  She added that the US should be concerned with the safety of its citizens first, not the economy of Liberia or political correctness.

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Texas Woman Becomes ISIS Twitter Celeb Overnight

HOUSTON, Texas — One tweet was all it took for Jennifer Williams, a Brookings Institute researcher that had studied religious extremism and converted to Islam, to go from an ordinary blonde with tattoo’s from Texas to a star on Twitter with a concerning amount of followers that may be Islamic terrorists.

Williams tweet was a result of her having studied the Middle East and religious extremism, which lead her to realize she had never actually read the Quran. After reading, she felt a sense of understanding to the morality and belief questions she had her whole life. She converted to Islam three years ago. On September 23 Williams had been using the hashtag #MuslimApologies as it was trending, she tweeted the below tweet.

The Huffington Post reported that her message has been retweeted more than 12,000 times as of Friday evening. She started with 40 followers, after the tweet, she now has more than 5,000 and counting. However, after looking through her newly acquired followers, she noticed many were not the type of followers that she wanted.

Williams wrote, “I soon began to notice a disturbing trend: of the thousands of people who were retweeting and following me, many of them had the black flag of ISIS as their Twitter profile photos,” she wrote. “Others had pictures of themselves holding swords, standing in front of the black ISIS flag. Uh-oh.”

Williams also explained the radical nature of some of these new followers, “One guy told me how beautiful I would look in hijab (in other words, how beautiful I would look once I covered myself up and stopped looking like an infidel),” she wrote on the blog Lawfare about her growing Twitter fandom. “Another just straight up asked me to marry him.”

She then tweeted out a picture of ISIS graffiti she came upon at a traffic stop due to the fact it was on a street corner in Washington, D.C. Williams wrote, “Call me naïve, but it didn’t occur to me at the time that this tweet might be construed by the pro-ISIS folks on Twitter who were already excited by my conversion tweet as an endorsement of ISIS, but that’s exactly how it was construed.”

Williams wrote about her distaste for these new followers, “I detest the twisted interpretations of Islam espoused by the likes of Al Qaeda and ISIS just as much today as I did before I converted — in fact, probably more so…”

After realizing how certain people were interpreting her tweet, she tried her best to clarify by sending the out a tweet reading, “JUST SO WE’RE CLEAR: The tweet w/the pic of ISIS graffiti WAS NOT MEANT TO EXPRESS MY SUPPORT OF ISIS. Can’t believe I even have to say that.” but it was too late. Williams even often tweeted pro-LGBT tweets, and tried to get the “#No2ISIS” hashtag to trend, but none of it matter, the radical followers kept increasing. One of her extremist fans even tweeted out a blurred photo of her profile picture, which Williams commented on by writing, “You know you’re dealing with some serious Islamic hardliners when they blur out your face to protect Islamic modesty,” she wrote. “It’s also interesting that they chose to make it blurry rather than to black it out entirely — I suppose they did that so you could still tell that I was a blonde, white American girl. The holy grail of Muslim converts — so to speak.”

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‘The Crusades’: EWTN to Separate Myth from History in New Docudrama

The clash between Islam and the Western world is as old as Islam itself, but perhaps as misunderstood as any great historical conflict. In what is sure to shed light on this timely topic, worldwide Catholic satellite network EWTN will air special television episodes this coming week.

As the Islamist radical group ISIS rampages through Christian and other minority religious communities from Syria to Iraq–killing, raping, driving out inhabitants, and wantonly destroying holy sites–the West seems paralyzed and reluctant to retaliate against Muslim aggressors.

But in the Middle Ages, kings and knights of Christendom set forth to push back against the inroads of Islamic forces into majority Christian areas in the Holy Land and beyond. Once considered a noble, if ultimately failed, campaign to make sacred sites safe for Christian pilgrims, over the last century or so, the Crusades have gradually become recast as an imperialist surge against peaceful people.

Like many notions currently promulgated by academia and the media, it’s a near-reversal of what actually happened over the course of centuries. As with any great human endeavor, the Crusades had their share of stupidity, brutality, greed, and misadventure, but that is only a piece of the whole story.

And of all the people asked to comment on the Crusades–from scholars to reporters to filmmakers to novelists to activists–one group seldom allowed to have its say is the Catholic Church, whose history is inextricably linked with that of the Crusades.

From October 8-11, at 10 p.m. (ET) each night, EWTN presents The Crusades, a four-part series shot on location in seven countries (Turkey, Israel, France, Austria, England, Spain, and Slovakia). Described at the EWTN blog as “a well-rounded understanding of an important historical event,” each episode features original dramatizations, original music recorded in Europe, and commentary from historians specializing in the period.

These historians are Professor Jonathan Phillips, professor of Crusading History at Royal Holloway, University of London; Professor Jonathan Riley-Smith of Cambridge University, one of Britain’s leading experts on the Crusades; and Professor Thomas F. Madden, chair of the Department of History at St. Louis University, who not only focuses on the Crusades but on the larger issue of the Christian-Muslim conflict.

Preceding the premiere on Wednesday, October 8, airing at 8 p.m. ET is a special episode of EWTN Live, with EWTN staffer and Middle Eastern scholar Father Mitch Pacwa interviewing Stefano Mazzeo, writer, producer, and host of The Crusades, and Madden, author of A Concise History of the Crusades.

In advance of this, on Sunday, October 5, at 10 p.m. ET, EWTN airs Franciscan University Presents Myths About the Crusades, with commentary from Dr. Paul Crawford, professor of medieval history at California University of Pennsylvania (located in the Pennsylvania town of California, near Pittsburgh), along with host Michael Hernon and panelists Dr. Regis Martin, professor of theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville (Ohio), and Catholic convert and theologian Dr. Scott Hahn.

EWTN is widely available on satellite and cable systems, but it can also be watched live online at EWTN.com.

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David Brooks: Presidents Have Little to Do with ‘Cyclical Ups and Downs’ of the Economy

On Friday’s “NewsHour” on PBS, New York Times columnist David Brooks dismissed the notion that President Barack Obama deserves credit and/or blame for the condition of the U.S. economy.

Brooks said there were too many variables in an economy for a president to impact the cycle

“You know, there’s this — I do not think presidents have much to do with the cyclical ups and downs of the economy,” Brooks said. “There are extraordinary moments when president do have something to do with it. And the stimulus package, whether you like it or not, clearly had an impact and probably ameliorated the effect of the recession. But I don’t think over the normal course of time, presidents have an immediate effect on month-to-month or quarter-to-quarter or even year-to-year cyclical stuff that goes on.”

“There’s just so much stuff going on in the economy,” he continued. “First of all, not a lot has happened in Washington to create jobs or destroy jobs. We have sort of been stagnant here legislatively. Secondly, the thing that the president spoke about so much in his Northwestern University speech was the great surge in the energy sector, the great surge first in the production of natural gas through fracking, and then the manufacturing jobs that’s created.”

“Well, that’s not been that’s really championed by his administration or Washington in particular,” Brooks added. “That’s something that just happened and surprised everybody through immense technological advance and our ability to get natural gas and oil out of the ground. So that’s in the private sector. And so I don’t think this is sort of a Washington-organized thing. We have an economy that functions as an economy.”

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Dallas ISD’s Ebola Info Overload May be Lost In Translation For Many Families

DALLAS, Texas — On Friday, October 3, Jack Lowe, Sr. Elementary students in the Dallas Independent School District (ISD) greeted parents at the end of the school day with a barrage of TV news choppers hovering so closely overhead that the wind kicked up over the school grounds. Lowe Elementary is located less than a half mile away from the Ivy Apartments where a HAZMAT cleanup and the Ebola victim’s family was escorted by county officials to an undisclosed location Breitbart Texas reported.

Families are worried at Lowe Elementary, which is a “notified school” that’s being monitored because it is attached to Sam Tasby Middle School where an Ebola affected child was removed on October 1 and placed under home observation for 21 days to see if any symptoms manifest. Siblings straddle the two campuses that serve a predominantly mixed international immigrant population in the densely packed apartments of Northeast Dallas’ Vickery Meadows section.

Dallas ISD’s working hard to allay fears. Students went home with the district’s latest update letter in English and Spanish. Titled “Important Information Regarding The Ebola Virus,” it is attached following this article.

The letter mentions the students who “are staying home” and “remain under observation by the Dallas County Health & Human Services Department (DCHHS). It emphasized that contagion only happens when a victim shows symptoms and directed families to Dallas ISD Health Updates, which posts daily “marketing” messages since the Ebola incident erupted. Dallas ISD even included how they were servicing the five homebound students educationally.

Despite information coming home and the vast web-based Ebola literature the district is putting out, it may well be lost in translation on immigrant populations where children often translate to their non-English speaking parents and grandparents. Unlike the eerie calm of school-aged children playing in the Ivy Apartments where the Ebola victim had stayed and family members remained until October 3, far more visible fear was found on campus.

Eight year old Danny spoke to Breitbart Texas because his mother didn’t speak English. He said that even though his principal said everything was fine, he admitted, “I am scared. I think I’m going to die.”

Danny’s mom explained in Spanish that she knew they cleaned the school,” referring to the scrubbing the school received on the evening of October 1. Danny also said that principal Yesenia Ramirez talked to the children about cleanliness in the bathroom, including cleaning the toilet seats.

Another Lowe student, 11 year-old Brian, said “I’m worried because I think it’s going to happen to me.”

He also said that school officials told the children to always wash their hands and “get your shots” referring to childhood inoculations.

Meanwhile, an English speaking dad who preferred to remain nameless did not think that Ebola was a threat at all. He told Breitbart Texas “I think it’s people over-reacting.”

Breitbart Texas attempted to speak to a school official who was part of the afternoon dismissal team but she refused to comment beyond saying how everything at Lowe was great as she rushed away.

Shortly thereafter, at the connecting Tasby Middle School, families began pulling up in front of the school for late afternoon pick up. Tasby was one of the schools that parents pulled their children from when the news of Ebola first hit the airwaves.  The scene was calmer when Breitbart Texas spoke with parents and other family members but they were no less concerned.

Neighborhood grandmother Natalia Hernandez came to retrieve her sixth and eighth grade grandchildren. She spoke through her niece Gloria, aged 17, in the waiting SUV.

“We don’t know much. They say it’s fine but if they would let us know a little more,” Hernandez stated, which Breitbart Texas questioned since so much district information had been put out to the community. She explained that she wasn’t interested in the district’s website, even if translated into Spanish. She was afraid and wanted to know more about symptoms, and more about the Ebola affected student who attended school for two days before being put on homebound observation.

Niece Gloria chimed in, posing “If the kid was here on Monday and Tuesday, why didn’t they close down the school?”

She explained that she wasn’t so certain the school was safe. “They say it’s fine but I don’t think so.”

Gloria added that her younger brother attends Dan D. Rogers Elementary, another Ebola affected area school and he was in art class with the one of the students who is now on home-watch. Of equal concern, she voiced that she’s a young mother. She told Breitbart Texas, “People are catching it. Yes, some kids are staying home. Yes, I’m scared.”

On the other hand, a few blocks away from the Ivy Apartments at Emmett J. Conrad High School, sophomore Jimmy was willing to speak to Breitbart Texas. He said, “I was scared at first because there was a student here but they released him and he’s not here so I’m not scared anymore. They told us it’s not easy to catch Ebola.”

Previously, on Tuesday evening, October 2, Breitbart Texas spoke to a Lowe Elementary school teacher under the condition of anonymity near the Ivy Apartments. She acknowledged that attendance rates at the school dipped when the Ebola news hit but in her classroom that drop was only three students out of a total of 20. She said it came back up by two the next day.

Earlier in the day, Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles said that attendance dropped 10 percent district-wide from 96 to 86 percent. Although very upbeat, the teacher emphasized, “It was scary seeing police and someone in a HAZMAT suit at the school.”

She also pointed out that principal Ramirez “was incredibly forthcoming” with staff and families reassuring them that things would get back to normal.

The Ebola affected or currently monitored Dallas ISD schools are Dan D. Rogers Elementary, Tasby Middle School, Emmett J. Conrad High School, Lowe Elementary, and Hotchkiss Elementary.

Erikka Neroes at the DCHHS confirmed by email to Breitbart Texas that three additional students in Richardson ISD are also part of the contact tracing.

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