Lone Libertarian Stands up to Ferguson Protest at UCLA

Students at the University of California Los Angeles held a protest in solidarity with demonstrators in Ferguson, Missouri and around the country on Tuesday, as they blasted the grand jury’s decision not to prosecute police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown in August.

 A lone UCLA student who stood outside of the Powell Library on UCLA’s campus holding up a sign that read, “There is no strong evidence suggesting Officer Wilson is guilty of murder,” was blocked by a group of fellow female student activists who disagreed with him. They tried to subdue his message by holding up signs of their own and chanting calls for “justice.”

“it’s very dangerous to accuse someone of something that there is no hard proof for. We have people out here saying that Officer Wilson is a murderer… and they are assertive [about it]. But, from my own review of what is online, there is no hard evidence to go either way,” the counter-demonstrator, Carlos Sotelo, told Breitbart News in an interview after the incident occurred. 

Sotelo told Breitbart News that it was his first time protesting on campus, and that he is a fifth-year computer science major who was born and raised in Tijuana. He completed high school is a town called Calexico, Mexico before moving to California to attend UCLA after high school. 

“They say that I’m a FOX News lover, that I’m a Christian conservative, none of which I am,” he said, noting that he considers himself a libertarian. “I’ve been a Democrat my entire life…people don’t really think for themselves; they just follow what other people are saying.” 

At least six students stood in front of Sotelo, while a crowd of at least 60 gathered, looking on in apparent bewilderment at how he could believe that Officer Wilson possibly acted out of self-defense. 

Shouts of, “We refuse to live this way, no more! It stops today,” were accompanied by posters with the faces of several other deceased youth whose lives were taken by police fire; in addition to Michael Brown, posters with images of Treyvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Omar Abrego, and Ezell Ford were held up. 

One of the students who tried blocking Sotelo held up a sign that read: “Hate is easy, love takes courage.” 

Despite his being outnumbered, and the overwhelming attempts to drown out his message and voice, Sotelo said, “I don’t feel defeated at all. What rewarded me today was when I stood by in the hallways and I saw people looking at the sign…and they just looked at me, smiled and gave me a nod and walked away. For me that was enough.”

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Giuliani: ‘No Question’ Grand Jury Could Not Indict

Tuesday afternoon on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” Tapper asked former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani whether he had ever prosecuted a case like the one in Ferguson during his time as a federal prosecutor.

“It’s unusual, the grand jury situation in this case, it was unusual that the prosecutor didn’t build a case the way it’s usually done,” Tapper began. “He presented all of the evidence and let the grand jury decide as opposed to making a suggestion and a recommendation.”

“When you were a U.S. attorney, did you ever present a case like that?” Tapper asked.

“Unusual, but not unique,” Giuliani explained. “This is a situation in which I don’t think the prosecutor knew himself what the right answer was, se he presented it to a grand jury. And when you read the testimony, I have to admit I haven’t read all of it, I’ve read about 200 pages… there’s no question that they couldn’t indict.”

“Even the description you just heard, that there were many conflicting stories. Many conflicting stories means you couldn’t possibly prove this case. When there’s conflict, you can’t prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and this grand jury came to the conclusion that there wasn’t even probable cause to believe he committed a crime.”

“If you have to read just one thing, read the interview of witness number 10. His testimony completely, 100 percent corroborates everything the police officer said. And he said the reason he came forward was because he was so upset that people were lying about the fact that Mr. Brown had put his hands up, because that never happened. And of course, at least four people perjured themselves about Mr. Brown being shot in the back. Do you know how powerful that testimony would be at a trial?”

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Desperate: Common Core Pulled into Phony ‘War on Women’

With support plummeting for the controversial Common Core standards, it appears at least one university president is resorting to the phony “war on women” meme to give a boost to the national education initiative.

In an op-ed in Sunday’s Miami Herald, University of Miami president Donna Shalala claimed that the Common Core standards can “reduce gender-based inequities by ensuring that every young woman receives the educational foundation she needs to be successful in college and career.”

“With Common Core’s more engaging and challenging standards, we can narrow the gender achievement gap that begins early and worsens by eighth grade, particularly for black and Hispanic girls,” Shalala wrote.

There are many problems with Shalala’s premise, not the least of which is the fact that, as Neal McCluskey observes at Cato, the college-readiness “gender gap” in favor of men is “non-existent.”

“Walk around a random college campus, and the odds are good the first student you’ll run into will be female,” writes McCluskey, pointing out that 57 percent of college students are women, compared to 43 percent men. He notes 56 percent of students taking the Advanced Placement exams are also young women.

However, even if Shalala is suggesting the existence of a gender gap in STEM subjects that tend to attract more males, the overriding problem is that no one – male or female – will be adequately prepared for STEM careers with Common Core because the math standards do not address the advanced math necessary for those careers.

As Breitbart News reported in September, a new paper by assessment expert Richard P. Phelps and Stanford University mathematician R. James Milgram refers to the promises made by the Common Core Math Standards (CCMS) as “empty rhetoric.”

“Because the CCMS are standards for all public school students in this country, regardless of achievement level, they are low standards, topping out at about the level of a weak Algebra II course,” the authors observe in their report published by the Massachusetts-based Pioneer Institute (PI).

“And because this level is to determine ‘college readiness’ as they define it (which is not remotely what our public four year college and universities currently assume it to be),” the authors continue, “it is apt to mean fewer high school students taking advanced mathematics and science coursework before they go to college, more college freshmen with even less knowledge of mathematics than currently, and more college credit-bearing courses set at an international level of seventh or eighth grade.”

As far as Shalala’s claim that the Common Core standards will narrow the gender achievement gap, especially for minority women, PI observes how Common Core math will be further harmful to low-income, high STEM ability students, because with these math standards nothing higher than Algebra II will be tested by the new federally funded, multi-state assessments developed by consortia PARCC and SBAC.

“High schools in low-income areas will be under the greatest fiscal pressure to eliminate under-subscribed electives like trigonometry, pre-calculus, and calculus,” PI said in a press release.

Shalala’s claim that the Common Core standards are “more rigorous K-12 education standards” is the same empty talking point that carries no weight simply because no independent studies have been performed that prove this argument.

In fact, in a recent report, also published by PI, visiting Hoosier scholar and former senior policy adviser with the U.S. Department of Education Ze’ev Wurman cited two studies conducted by Common Core Validation Committee members, who signed off on the standards in 2010 and then later attempted to find post facto evidence to justify their decisions. According to Wurman, in both studies the research was poorly executed and failed to provide evidence that the Common Core standards are internationally competitive and reflective of college-readiness.

Similarly, Wurman’s research is consistent with another study published by the Brookings Institution which found that the Common Core standards will have “little to no impact on student achievement.”

Brookings’ 2014 Brown Center report revealed that states whose standards were less like Common Core performed better on national assessments than those states that had standards more like Common Core.

Shalala’s claim that the Common Core standards will improve education for women is based on a premise that does not exist and smacks of desperation to boost the image of a failing initiative.

“Defense of the Common Core has too often come in the form of platitudes and ungrounded assertions,” writes McCluskey. “This latest effort hasn’t improved upon that.”

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Don Lemon Griills Jesse Jackson: ‘How Does Burning Down a Store Get You a Job?’

Tuesday on CNN, host Don Lemon took Rev. Jesse Jackson to task for claiming the riots last night in Ferguson were caused by “unending consistent pain and neglect” of urban plight and joblessness. At one point Lemon interrupted Jackson saying, “Reverend, with all due respect, if people need jobs in the community, why would you burn down a store or a place where you could possibly get work?”

Jackson said, “Well, it was chaos, but the looting preceded the shooting. We were there earlier in the year, it was very clear that that the unending consistent pain and neglect leads to anarchy and justice leads to peace. We must have some plan beyond focusing on Ferguson to let people know how national this crisis is and how usedly pattern is. It’s Brown in Ferguson, it’s Louima in New York, it’s Rodney King in L.A., it’s Trayvon Martin. We need a commitment for urban reconstruction to end the violence on both ends.” 

“Violence diverts attention from the real subject matter. The subject matter is the need for more jobs, more education, more justice and violence has a way of leaving no room for redemption, so I understand that very well. but there is a body of people who after a long train of abuses, Don, people simply explode.” Jackson added.

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Boy, 13, Rapes Classmate After Sex-Ed Class

A Welsh council is reviewing its policies on sex education after a 13 year-old girl was pinned-down and raped by her classmate on school property after taking a sex-ed lesson together.

The attack, in which the 13-year-old boy asked the girl whether she wanted to “try sex” after the class, took place two years ago, but only came to light earlier this month after the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted the crime in a ‘youth court’. During the course of the case, the court heard the claims of the teenager, who said the girl had consented to the sex after the lesson. After raping her, the boy apparently dismissed the girl by telling her “you can go now”. 

They were also presented with a different version of events from the girl, who said he asked her for sex, which she rejected, and despite her protests raped her while they were in a secluded part of the school’s grounds. School authorities only learnt about the rape a year after the event, when the school nurse spotted the girl looking unhappy, and quizzed her. The matter was then refereed to police. 

Since the attack the boy has been taken into care and moved to another part of the country. 

The details of the attack came to light earlier this month after the youth court gave the teenager, who is now 15, the maximum sentence of a 12-month referral order and 30-months on the sex offenders register. A Gwynedd council spokesman said: “Now that the legal process has been concluded, we will be working with North Wales Police and other relevant partners to carry out a detailed review of the incident to identify whether there are any lessons to be learned”.

The council can’t consider itself short on advice on any future action to be taken – the Rape Crisis charity believe the lesson from this unfortunate event is that Welsh school children need more sex education. Rape Crisis Spokesman Katie Russell spoke to the South Wales Evening Post, saying: “The fact it happened after a sex education class I am sure gives concern about the teaching of sex education in school.

“It is only through genuine education, and much earlier than 13 I would say, that we can help stop this happening”. According to the charity, “anecdotal evidence” supports the suggestion that young teenagers ‘raping’ their friends is not uncommon. At the moment sex education from the age of 11 is compulsory in British schools, as mandated by the government. 

One dissenting voice from the sex-ed orthodoxy is Conservative back-bencher Philip Davies who suggested: “We have been having sex education in our schools for more than 40 years, and it was supposedly going to solve things such as teenage pregnancies and unwanted pregnancies.

“Most of my constituents would probably conclude that the more sex education we have had since the early 1970s, the more teenage pregnancies and unwanted pregnancies we have had”.

Speaking over a chorus of howling Labour MPs, Davies concluded:

“Members do not want to hear this, but they might want to look at the evidence and then they might think that perhaps we should try less sex education in schools – or perhaps, even better, no sex education at all. That might be a better tactic”. 

The factual correctness of Mr. Davies comments has been disputed, indeed some European countries are now finding that sex education has been so successful that it threatens the national population. Denmark is presently re-working it’s national sex education programme so it teaches less contraception and abstinence after the government discovered the number of ethnic Danes was decreasing, as young couples put off having children until later in life, and having significantly less as a result. 

Breitbart London reported the comments of one Danish fertility clinic last month when they said of the change: “Up until now, our biological expiration date has been overlooked in our zeal to avoid having children when we don’t want to have them.

“On average in Denmark, we began to establish a family when we are around 30 years old. By then half of our reproduction capabilities have disappeared and that means that some people have too short of a time span to have children or have the amount of children they’d like to have”.

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