Mark Levin Calls for ISIS Investigation: ‘What Did Obama Know and When Did He Know It?’

On his Monday radio broadcast, conservative talk show Mark Levin criticized President Barack Obama for his handling of ISIS’s spread in the Middle East.

During the segment, Levin lobbied for an investigation to determine exactly when Obama was made aware that ISIS would be a serious threat.

Partial transcript as follows:

People in the know are sick and tired of this. So before the election, he knew, but he wouldn’t say, because he wanted you to believe, and he wanted his drones to believe, that everything was under control, that al Qaeda was dead, GM was alive, we’re not going to worry you with facts. Quote: “Unless someone very senior has been shredding the president’s daily briefings, and telling him that the dog ate them, highly accurate predictions about ISIL have been showing up in the Oval office since before the 2012 election,” said a national security staffer in the Obama administration who is familiar with the content of the intelligence briefings. 

We now need, in my humble opinion, we had a 9/11 commission, we need now an ISIS commission. Call it whatever you want, a caliphate commission, that can look at what was in Obama’s briefing books, because now World War Three has begun, like it or not, it has begun, because this man wouldn’t read his briefings books, and he wouldn’t act, early on. 

It is outrageous that this man hasn’t gone to Congress for a declaration of war, and it is outrageous that John Boehner all weekend long on television saying somebody may have to send troops. That the United States Speaker of the House of Representatives, a Republican doesn’t demand that the president ask Congress for a declaration of war. It is absolute abomination. It is not just Obama who’s shredding the Constitution let us be clear here, it is also John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, who refuse to insist on a declaration of war when a declaration of war is absolutely compelled.

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Face it, the right are going to lose the next UK general election. Unless…

David Cameron has said he thinks schools should teach mainly in imperial measurements rather than in nasty, foreign, and undeniably French metric.

Funny that. It’s almost like he’d had spies at the rowdy Conservative conference fringe event the night before – staged by smokers’ rights campaigner Forest and Conservatives for Liberty – where I raised this very topic in a speech on Europe. I noted the irony that even though we defeated Napoleon in 1815 and Hitler in 1945 we still seem to have inherited half their policies all the same. From Hitler, inter alia, we got the clampdown on smoking and the obsession with environmentalism. From Napoleon, among other things, we got the metric measurement system – despite the fact that most of us continue stubbornly to think in pints and miles rather than half litres and kilometres.

Prime Ministers don’t make these casual asides by accident. Clearly, what’s going on here is that Cameron has been advised to chuck a few gobbets of red meat to the more reactionary wing of the Tory party: to the kind of people, in other words, who feel badly let down by four years of Cameron’s dogged centrism and who are now sorely tempted to throw in their lot with UKIP instead.

We heard similar right-wing mood music in Chancellor George Osborne’s speech yesterday: the freeze on benefits; the emphasis on tax cuts rather than spending rises; the renewed commitment to tackling the deficit. I was reminded of the chats Osborne and I used to have in the playground when our children were briefly at the same school together. “Just you wait till we form a majority government: then you’ll see what real Tories we are…” he used to say.

As a natural small ‘c’ conservative, I have little problem with this rightwards turn. (Though I think this imperial stuff is forgettable nonsense: yes it’s all jolly and jingoistic but let’s get real – the 30cm ruler is here to stay and it’s not like we’re going to go back to pre-decimal currency). But let us not be under any illusions as to why this is happening. It is not because the Cameron claque has suddenly realised that they were right-wing all along and that actually, come to think of it, they really do believe that the state has got far too big and that we’d all be better off outside Europe. It’s because their minds have been concentrated by opinion polls showing that, thanks to UKIP splitting their vote, the Conservatives are on course to lose the next election to Ed Miliband’s socialists.

This was the excellent point made by former Telegraph editor and Margaret Thatcher biographer Charles Moore yesterday at was probably the most invigorating and talked-about fringe event of the entire Conservative conference – a Bruges group discussion entitled UKIP and the Future of the Conservative Party. (All right, I’m biased – I was on the panel too, together with Jacob Rees Mogg, the Conservative MP whose outspokenness and rebelliousness has led some (erroneously) to speculate that he might one day jump ship to UKIP. But we’ll be posting the footage up on Breitbart later so you can judge for yourself how good it was).

Moore (a loyal Conservative) explained how torn he felt on the UKIP issue. On the one hand, he regretted the  impractical purist zeal which had split the vote of the right, which saw no space for compromise, and which thus in all likelihood was going to lose the Conservatives the next election. On the other hand, he recognised that over the last two or three decades, the ONLY thing that had stopped the Conservatives getting deeper and deeper in bed with the pro-EU establishment was countervailing pressure from the angry public. Fear, in other words, not wisdom or commonsense, is and always has been the primary motivator of the Conservative party’s right-wing conscience.

Inevitably, the subject of a Tory/UKIP pact came up – as mooted by Conservative MEP Dan Hannan. The panel all agreed that this was the right’s best chance of defeating Ed Miliband and winning a resounding majority at the May 2015 general election. But we also agreed, for various reasons, that it was a near-impossibility. Cameron won’t countenance it and UKIP loathe and distrust Cameron so much that would never consider it while he’s in charge.

So where, exactly, does that leave us?

My own view is this. A Miliband interregnum will be a total nightmare. Men will say openly that Christ and his saints are asleep. The economy will go to rack and ruin. The Schadenfreude we will enjoy at the humiliation of David Cameron’s Tories-lite will be more than offset by the immiseration of the nation and by our inevitable descent – under the fanatically Europhile Miliband – into ever-closer European Union.

Our best hope of averting this is a UKIP-Conservative pact which is most unlikely to happen. Therefore our next best short term hope is that under ongoing intense pressure from UKIP, Cameron will choose – as he so often does – to save his skin at the very last minute by renouncing his mushy centrism, adopting a much much tougher line on Europe, and persuading all those voters flirting with UKIP to think again.

The moral for the Conservatives is that if they lose the next election they will have only themselves to blame, for they have it within their power, even now, to turn the tide.

The moral for UKIP is to go on doing exactly what they’re doing. Put the fear of God into the Conservatives; fight like you mean it: it’s the only way.

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Bell Gardens Mayor Shot, Killed; Wife Detained

Several shots rang out in the heat of a domestic dispute between Bell Gardens Mayor Daniel Crespo, his 19-year-old son, and his wife Tuesday afternoon, when Mrs. Crespo allegedly grabbed a gun and shot her husband several times.

Details continue to emerge surrounding the circumstances of the shooting on the 6300 block of Gage Avenue, but Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Nicole Nishida said the son intervened after Crespo and his wife began fighting in the home’s master bedroom, the Los Angeles Times reported. As the father and son fought, Mrs. Crespo allegedly retrieved a gun and shot her husband at around 2:30 Tuesday afternoon.

Crespo, 45 years old, died en route to the hospital, Bell Gardens Fire Department officials confirmed. Crespo’s wife Levette, has been detained.

The couple’s son was taken to the hospital after the incident to treat facial injuries resulting from the struggle. Authorities there questioned him regarding the events, the Times noted.

Daniel Crespo is a native of the Bronx, New York, the City of Bell Gardens website states. “In 1986, Mayor Crespo, a young teenager, married his high school sweetheart and has been married ever since.” A daughter was born to the couple the next year and their son was born several years later in 1994.

“Mayor Crespo has been a Deputy Probation Officer for the past 15 years,” states the city website. Crespo was elected to City Council in 2001.

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Republicans More Interested and Motivated For Mid-Term Elections

A new survey released by Louisiana State University Public Policy Research Lab indicates that Republicans are both following the news more closely and more likely to vote when it comes to the upcoming November elections.

“Generally, in mid-term elections, Republicans make up a bigger share [of the voters.], but I don’t think that’s all that’s going on here. Republicans are just very excited about [the U.S. Senate race],” said Mike Henderson, director of LSU’s Public Policy Research Lab. has summarized some of the key findings of the LSU Public Policy Research Lab based upon the full survey.

Both Democrats and Republicans are weighing control of the U.S. Congress when considering the upcoming elections, even though only 38 percent of people surveyed could identify the political party of their current congressman. 

The economy and foreign affairs were the issues people surveyed considered most important. Over 80 percent of people surveyed said the economy was important and 78 percent said foreign policy and national security were important. 

Louisiana voters are much more excited about this election than other Americans. About 51 percent of registered voters surveyed told LSU they are worked up about the voting, compared to just 40 percent of registered voters nationwide. 

Black voter turnout could potentially be high, which is probably a good sign for Landrieu. Black voters are more enthusiastic about the 2014 elections compared to previous mid-term congressional elections. 

White Republicans are the most engaged group however. LSU found that 84 percent of white Republicans said they were almost certain to vote. 

Black Democrats in the Baton Rouge area appear especially likely to vote. About 87 percent of black Democrats in Baton Rouge who are registered to vote said they were likely to cast a ballot. 

A majority of Louisiana voters surveyed (53 percent) disapprove of how President Barack Obama is doing his job. Congress gets worse marks. Only 20 percent of Louisiana voters approve the job congressmen are doing. 

Same-sex marriage was not considered a priority for either the Democrats or the Republicans surveyed. Less than half of the people (49 percent) said it was an important issue. 

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Wary of Air Strikes, Islamic State Insurgents Change Tactics

(Reuters) – Islamic State militants are changing tactics in the face of U.S. air strikes in northern Iraq, ditching conspicuous convoys in favor of motorcycles and planting their black flags on civilian homes, tribal sources and eyewitnesses say.

They reported fewer militant checkpoints to weed out “apostates” and less cell phone use since the air strikes intensified and more U.S. allies pledged to join the campaign that began in August, saying the militants had also split up to limit casualties.

A tribal sheikh from a village south of Kirkuk said Islamic State elements “abandoned one of their biggest headquarters in the village” when they heard the air strike campaign was likely to target their area.

“They took all their furniture, vehicles and weapons. Then they planted roadside bombs and destroyed the headquarters,” said the tribal sheikh who declined to be named.

“They don’t move in military convoys like before. Instead they use motorcycles, bicycles, and if necessary, they use camouflaged cars,” he said.

The militants have also taken to erecting their notorious black flag on the rooftops of several mostly empty residential houses and buildings, to create confusion about their actual presence.

Civilian casualties are a major concern as U.S. war planes venture deeper into the Tigris River valley and to Iraq’s western desert in the name of breaking Islamic State’s grip on mostly Sunni parts of Iraq — nearly one-third of the country. France has also taken part in the air campaign.

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