Watch: Santa Fe High Schooler Rips MAGA Hat and Trump Banner Off Another Student

A student at Edmond High School in Santa Fe, New Mexico, was caught on video confronting a student wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and a “Trump 2020” banner as a cape. The student knocked the MAGA hat off of the other student’s head, before forcibly ripping the banner off and throwing it to the ground.

Source: Breitbart News

[Teen & Young Adult][Free] The Feral Sentence – Episode 4 (YA Dystopian Survival Thriller) (The Feral Sentence Serial)

Episode 4 of award-winning YA dystopian serial, The Feral Sentence. In the wake of a merciless attack on the Village, Brone and her new clan of escapees set out in search of potential survivors across the island in the fourth and final episode of The Feral Sentence – Season 1. While the number of enemies continues to […]

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[Teen & Young Adult][Free] The Autumn Fairy (The Autumn Fairy Trilogy Book 1)

Katrin knows little about her origins, but whatever she is, it’s certainly not human. On an island where humans have banned magic and hunt all who possess it, the dark power within her has become too strong to hide. With each passing day, the threat grows. For if she cannot master her terrifying abilities soon, […]

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