Salt Lake Police Under Fire Over Dog Shooting

Several Salt Lake citizens are irate after a police officer entered a fenced yard in search of a missing child then shot a 110-pound Weimaraner  named “Geist” when he felt the dog presented a threat to him. The child was later found asleep at home.

“In this particular circumstance, evidence shows that the dog was extremely close, in fact, within feet of the officer. “After 23 years in law enforcement, I haven’t seen this type of public outcry when certain human beings have lost their lives,” Burbank said.

“So I get to bury my dog because an officer couldn’t back up and close the f—— gate,” said the dog’s owner, Sean Kendall, who also released a video of the encounter.

“I believe this officer made a terrible judgment call,” Kendall told the station. “In my profession, if I make a terrible judgment I’m fired. “

Several dog owners and dog lovers came out to protest the shooting.

The protest included many dog owners, who brought their pets. The protesters held signs that read: “Shoo not Shoot,” “Man’s best friend should not be gunned down,” and “My pets are my family.”

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After 20 Years, the ‘Rebbe’ Still Casts a Long, Warm Shadow

July 1 marks the 20th anniversary of the passing of the 7th Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Schneerson was a uniquely charismatic and visionary leader, who pushed back against the postwar trends of secularism and disenchantment and presented religious Judaism as a positive force. In so doing, he inspired hundreds of thousands of Jews to embrace their faith and revived Judaism in post-Communist Eastern Europe.

Schneerson, who won the Congressional Gold Medal posthumously in 1994, was also profoundly pro-American, believing the United States to be a dynamic force for good in the world. He foresaw that the 1979 Iran hostage crisis would lead to a general weakening of American influence around the world that would encourage future challenges against the U.S. and its allies, both by the communist empire and the rising tide of radical Islam.

Two new books, timed for the 20th “yahrzeit,” celebrate the life of the man known to many simply as “the Rebbe”: My Rebbe, by Talmudic scholar Adin Steinsaltz; and Joseph Telushkin’s Rebbe: The Life and Teachings of Menachem M. Schneerson, the Most Influential Rabbi in Modern History. Telushkin’s biography has breached the top 100 list on Amazon and is the website’s #1 best seller in biographies of religious leaders.

Ten years ago, Sue Fishkoff documented the Rebbe’s success in building a global religious empire in The Rebbe’s Army: Inside the World of Chabad-Lubavitch. The Rebbe’s model was simple: send emissaries–usually young religious families–to communities where Jews were present but lacked strong organization, and offer them as much Judaism as they were prepared to enjoy, without watering down doctrines or practices.

It was just such a mission–the Chabad House in Mumbai–that Islamic terrorists targeted in their deadly attack in India in late 2008. What was newsworthy, above and beyond the horror of the event, was the fact that there was a thriving Jewish community in the heart of Mumbai at all. The Rebbe’s shluchim had established outposts across the world, wherever Jews may dwell or travel. In the U.S. alone, there is a Chabad House in 48 states.

The Rebbe also recruited donors to invest heavily in Jewish education. Some of his efforts were controversial for competing with existing Jewish institutions. Many of those institutions–particularly in the Conservative and Reform branches of Judaism, which sought to bridge tradition and modernity–have faded from existence, while Chabad has thrived. The Rebbe sought to provide an alternative without opposing other Jewish sects directly.

Throughout his life, the Rebbe counted–and was courted by–political friends from both sides of the aisle. His most difficult political episode came in 1991, when his motorcade accidentally ran over and killed a black boy. In the ensuing Crown Heights riot, fanned in part by Al Sharpton, a visiting Jewish student was murdered by a mob. To this day, the victim’s family blames Sharpton for the death, though Sharpton denies inciting the mob.

The Rebbe’s legacy and teachings remain peaceful and relentlessly positive. He and his wife, Chaya Mushka, were childless, and no one replaced Schneerson as the figurehead of the Lubavitch Chabad movement. Still, it continues to grow and expand around the world, inspired by his example. His disciples continue to reach across national and political divides to unite Jewish communities and to bring Schneerson’s message to world leaders.

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VIDEO: Huge Explosion as Palestinian Terrorists Hit Israeli Factory

Two rockets fired from the Gaza Strip on Saturday struck an industrial factory in the southern Israeli city of Sderot, according to a report from the European Jewish Press (EJP).

A video that shows the incident reveals how damaging the so-called “home made” rockets used by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad can really be.

Sderot is just one kilometre from the Gaza border, and when air raid sirens sound, residents have less than 15 seconds to find their nearest shelter. Most buildings and schools in the area have been made bomb proof, though this is of little consolation to those in cars or walking on the street.

The EJP reports that four workers were inside the factory when the rocket hit.

“Two of them, 23 and 59 years old, were taken to the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon suffering from light burns.”

“A fireball rose 200 meters from the burning factory, it was horrible,” said one of the injured.

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Correction: This article initially carried an incorrect video circulated online

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Europe’s Juncker To Earn More Than Obama, Cameron, and Any Other EU Prime Minister

As Breitbart London reported just hours after Jean-Claude Juncker was nominated to be the next president of the European Commission, the (allegedly) wine-sodden and certainly triumphant Juncker is now in line for a €321,000 (£257,000) a year salary, a private plane, 24-hour personal television camera crews, an entertainment allowance, fabulous pension, a staff of flunkies, and thousands of euros in allowances.

Today the Sun newspaper added up those earnings and benefits into what the paper called “a giant £1.8million pay and perks bonanza,” including a £52,500-a-year pension after Juncker finishes his five-year term at the Commission, plus a £184,222 “residential allowance” over the term and monthly expenses of £1,135. On leaving office, he will get a £20,469 resettlement allowance.

Juncker’s salary is about £120,100 higher than that of British Prime Minister David Cameron, who earns £142,500. It is also $40,000 more than U.S. President Barack Obama, and at least €100,000 (£80,000) higher than that of any prime minister in the European Union.

However, Juncker is not alone is being paid far more than the democratically-elected leaders of the EU member states.

According to research carried by the European Voice in April, all the top unelected EU-elite earn more than any democratically-elected national representative.

The president of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi at €374,124 (£299,728) earns even more than the commission president.

Herman Van Rompuy, unelected president of the European Council, earns €321,238 (£257,358).

Catherine Ashton, whom Gordon Brown took from from being a British Labour quangocrat to the job of the EU’s foreign policy and security representative, earns €297,521 (£238,358).

A plain-vanilla European Commissioner earns €255,300 (£204,532), while the four commissioners who have been given the rank of vice-president of the commission earn €286,500 (£229,528).

A member of the Luxembourg-based Court of Auditors receives the same pay as a commissioner. No auditing experience is required for the job, only a political appointment by a member state government.

All of these eurocrats earn more than the British prime minister, and more than Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany (€204,192/£163,587), President François Hollande of France (€178,920/£143,341), and Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italy (€207,360/£166,126).

According to the European Voice figures, even eurocrats no one outside Brussels has ever heard of earn more than prime ministers. The anonymous Peter Johan Hustinx, European Data Protection Supervisor, has a salary of €255,300 (£204,532) a year, while an unelected and almost unsackable top civil servant at the commission will pull in €220,452 (£176,614).

These EU salaries are calculated without the added perks, such as the allowance for children and free education at elite European Schools which would cost anyone else up to €11,000 (£8,812) a term. Nor do the pay levels reflect the privileged light level of taxation which eurocrats pay, all covered by the average British and European taxpayer.

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Mexican Militiaman Who Stood Up to Cartels Murdered Along with His Family

A former Mexican cartel soldier who turned against the narco terrorists and joined the burgeoning Mexican militia movement has been found shot and tortured along with his wife and children in the Mexican state of Michoacan.

José Santiago Valencia Sandoval was once a soldier for the Knights Templar cartel in Michoacan but became disgusted by all the violence and murder. Eventually José joined the militia movement that started as a counter to the power of the cartels.

José wanted to protect his people from the murdering drug dealers but in some cases even the militias have started to become corrupt and dangerous.

“I do not tolerate injustice, and I am not going to represent something that I am fighting,” he told reporters from the Washington Post. “I want to send that message through the media.”

José claimed he made some videos that would name names and put some cartels members, and perhaps some crooked militiamen, in jail. All these action made the man and his family a target. This he understood all too well.

Sadly, last week José, his wife Blanca, daughter Bianca, 11, and sons José Santiago Perez, 16, and Bernabe Perez, 14, were all found murdered in the family pickup truck in nearby Jalisco.

In 2013, Mexican officials reported that there were 31,532 homicides in the country between January and November including 16,736 labeled as “intentional” murder and 14,796 as “negligent” manslaughter.

Some estimate that in Mexico there are 100 murders a day perpetrated by the drug cartels.

“Like Calderon before him, Peña Nieto (with the endorsement and support of the U.S. government) continues to wage a ‘war on drugs’ that kills an average of 1,500 people each month in Mexico,” Molly Molloy, a border expert at the New Mexico State University Library, told Breitbart last December. “Despite a cumulative death toll since 2006 of at least 150,000, neither the Mexicans nor the Americans provide any evidence that the drug supply has been diminished.”

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