Miguel Cotto Dominates Sergio Martinez to Win Middleweight Championship at Packed Madison Square Garden

NEW YORK—Miguel Cotto entered the ring in silence and darkness. He exited it bathed in the limelight and saluted by the roar.

Miguel Cotto knocked Sergio Martinez down four times en route to punishing the champion into a defeat on the stool that enters the fight books as a 10th-round TKO. The underdog’s flawless performance before a raucous full-house at Madison Square Garden stands as the signature win in a career already boasting victories over Shane Mosely, Antonio Margarito, and Ricardo Torres.

Cotto kicked off the Puerto Rican Day (hit) Parade early by rocking Sergio Martinez to start round one. He followed up with a shot that sent his opponent head first into the canvas. Quickly upon the restart, Cotto unrelentingly attacked and sent a wobbly Martinez down with a grazing shot to the top of the head. And then, a third time, Cotto powered Martinez to the floor. Though none of the shots appeared to hurt Martinez terribly, the collective body of knockdowns prompted a long look from the referee. The punches propelled the champion on his backside, on his face, and on his knee—and ultimately out of the fight as a result of the disastrous 10-6 round. 

After a pedestrian second stanza in which Cotto took his foot off the gas, the fighters traded shots in the third. The taller man found his range with the jab and shook off fourteen months of ring rust. Cotto stalked and controlled the center of the ring to start the fourth. After eating more shots, Martinez implored Cotto to bring his best. Martinez quieted the crowd after landing an awkward left. It looked, for a few moments at least, as though we finally had a fight.

But a predatory Cotto had too much fight in him. Those early-round moments when Martinez looked to regain composure proved illusory. The fresh-legged challenger pressured Martinez in the fifth, evading several punches as he pushed forward as a man on a mission. A determined, chin-down, Terminator-like Cotto again enjoyed the best of exchanges with Martinez in the sixth, incessantly stalking. Martinez characteristically dropped his hands and landed the occasional unaccompanied shot. But Cotto doesn’t appear ready to slow down. By every criterion—effective aggression, ring generalship, defense, and clean and hard punching—Cotto demonstrated significant advantages.

The fan favorite rocked Martinez midway through the seventh with a right to the temple. The smaller man then employed footwork to dance, feint, and move for the last minute of the round. Cotto has at this point outbrawled and outboxed the bigger and heretofore better boxer.

In the ninth, Cotto again clobbers the champion with numerous power shots. Every time leather clashes with bone, a packed Madison Square Garden erupts to supply an explanation point. As the round contains just a few dozen more ticks, Cotto again sends the Argentine to the deck and the fans to their feet. Amazingly, a jab provides the force for the knockdown. But it’s the left hooks and right crosses, and not that straight left, which inflict the most damage in a ninth frame every pit as dominant as the first.

As the bell sounds for the tenth, a crowd of cornermen refuse to let Martinez out of the corner. Miguel Cotto wins by tenth-round TKO. As a sense of the victory dawns on the Puerto Rican crowd, a deafening roar lets loose that nearly convexes the concave Garden roof. Miguel Cotto, the former 140-pound titlist, inherits the mantle of Robinson and Hagler and Hopkins and wins the lineal middleweight championship of the world.

“He caught me cold,” Martinez explained after the fight. “He caught me hard.” The Argentine made no excuses despite a lingering knee injury clearly troubling from the disastrous first round forward. A money fight against Canelo Alvarez perhaps looms for the new champion. “I want to rest,” Cotto reflected. “Whatever Freddie [Roach] wants to do, I will do it.”

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Elementary School Principal Suspected of Sex with Student Kills Himself

An elementary school principal shot himself on Friday at his Hanford-area California home after being under suspicion for having sexual activity with a young female student.

According to the Fresno Bee, when Fresno county sheriff detectives showed up to 42-year-old Lance Clement’s home around 7:30 a.m. to serve him with a search warrant, they heard the gunshot that ended his life. At this point, the incident is being investigated as a suicide by the Kings County coroner who is assigned to determine the cause of Clement’s death.

Clement was principal of Orange Center Elementary and is also Orange Center’s superintendent of schools. The elementary school consists of 350 students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.

Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims only announced that Clement was being investigated a few hours after he killed himself. Up until then, the investigation was under wraps. Last week, an employee of the school notified authorities the day after he saw Clement with a young girl in his office after school with the lights off. The witness claims that he reported the incident because “he trusted his gut.”

After investigators interviewed Clement and the young female student, there was no apparent evidence of impropriety, but “it raised some red flags,” said Mims. On Tuesday, Fresno County sex-crime detectives decided to interview 20 more girls, mostly fifth graders, who had visited his office. It was then that they discovered Clement allegedly had participated in inappropriate gift-giving. According to Mims, in one instance, Clement’s actions “may have risen to a sexual battery, or possibly lewd and lascivious acts involving someone under 14.” She added, “Definitely, unethical behavior took place.”

Mims said that detectives had searched Clement’s computer in his office and that he had removed its hard drive, which sent off an “additional red flag.” School trustees took his keys, and he was placed on leave with pay on Wednesday. Detectives confiscated computers that were at Clement’s home, and the case will continue to be investigated, because “parents have a right to know” if their child was victimized by Clement.

Clement was well-liked by other teachers and, among his accomplishments, according to one former school board member, was his being “instrumental with the solar installation for the school district that saved a lot of money.”

Gus Amos, a board member of Armona School District opined, “He dazzled us with his knowledge, with his demeanor. He was great with kids. I don’t think anyone didn’t like Lance.”

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Joni Ernst Leads Two IA Polls after Bruce Braley Insults Women, Farmers

Just days after becoming Iowa’s Republican Senate nominee, Joni Ernst has taken the lead over Democrat Rep. Bruce Braley (D-IA) in two polls in a race that could decide which party controls the U.S. Senate. 

A poll by Loras College’s Public Opinion Survey Center found Ernst leading with 48% to Braley’s 41.7%. A Rasmussen Reports poll also has Ernst leading Braley by one percentage point (45%-44%). 

Ernst navigated the GOP civil war, getting the endorsements of everyone from Sarah Palin to Mitt Romney. Republicans, who need to gain six seats to take back the Senate, coalesced around her because, as Palin noted, Democrats would not be able to play the “war on women” and “income inequality” cards against a candidate who grew up on a farm and is an Iraq War veteran who serves in the National Guard. 

Braley compounded matters for Democrats when he was caught on video in March denigrating Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) as just “a farmer from Iowa who never went to law school.” David Yepsin, the longtime observer of Iowa politics, said at the time that Braley’s “elitist” comments would “hurt him” in the fall.

Braley made things worse right out of the gate this week. First, his campaign released an attack ad comparing Ernst to a baby chicken–a chick!

“First, Bruce Braley insults Senator Grassley and every single Iowa farmer,” an Ernst spokeswoman said in a statement. “Now, he degrades and insults Iowa women by comparing Joni Ernst to a ‘chick.’ Braley previously told the trial lawyers that if they gave him money, he would be their voice in the Senate, and it’s now clear that it comes at the expense of everyone else.”

Tim Hagle, a University of Iowa political science professor, immediately pointed out the Democrats’ hypocrisy on the so-called “war on women.” He tweeted, “Imagine if a GOP candidate had used a ‘chick’ in an ad against a female opponent.”

The Braley campaign’s ad was wrong on the merits, too, as it tried to claim that Ernst does not have a record of cutting pork. Ernst, however, has supported a hiring freeze in Iowa’s government, co-sponsored bills to limit the amount of state government spending, and called for a constitutional amendment to limit both government spending and the ability to raise taxes, as her campaign noted.

A Braley surrogate, Democrat state Sen. Steve Sodders, then referred to hog castration as “mutilating animals” before walking back those remarks once called out by Iowa’s farmers.

Braley had a six-point lead over Ernst in a Public Policy poll taken before Iowa’s Republican voters chose their nominee.

The Loras College poll, which was “balanced using historical voting patterns for partisanship, as well as demographic variables such as age, gender, and geography,” found that Obama is unlikely to give Braley a boost this year since 54.2% of Iowans disapprove of Obama’s performance and only 42.5% approve.

Both polls have a margin of error of +/- four percentage points and were taken in the two days after Ernst won the nomination. 

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Negative Interest on Private Bank Accounts Coming to the US?

We just reported about how the European Central Bank has instituted negative interest rates for member banks. This could soon spread to the US and also to consumer accounts. If so, you would find money taken out of your bank account each quarter unless you spend it.

The idea is that if low rates are not yet persuading you to spend, then why not punish you even more for saving? To make this more effective, there would also be a push for all electronic money to keep you from stashing any away from the confiscation agents. Ken Rogoff, leading Harvard (and Republican) economist has just recommended this as a first step toward implementing negative interest rates in the US.

This is far from the only “innovation” that could be coming our way. In a speech on June 4, San Francisco Fed Chairman John Williams suggested that the Fed should consider “nominal income targeting.” He said this could be “a creative way to bend the curve in terms of macroeconomic and financial stability trade-offs.” What this gobbledegook means is that the Fed would simply create money and then distribute it to parties in danger of bankruptcy and foreclosure.

Isn’t that a great idea? Why stop with the bail-out of big banks when you can bail out anyone who gets in financial trouble? That would guarantee the zombification of the economy that is already well underway. Bad business ideas and badly managed companies would live forever at the expense of good ideas and well managed companies.

Click here to read the rest of the article at AgainstCronyCapitalism.org.

Hunter Lewis is co-founder of Againstcronycapitalism.org, co-founder and former CEO of Cambridge Associates, a global investment firm, and author of two recent books, Crony Capitalism in America 2008-2012 and Free Prices Now!, about the Fed.

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The Texas GOP Convention, Public Education and Efforts to Stop Common Core

There are a number of hot button issues happening outside of the 2014 Texas Republican State Convention; however, a huge one is playing out inside the Fort Worth Convention Center — public education.

The “Educating Our Children” subcommittee has been working hard to create the kind of resolution that could put Texas in the cat bird seat to take down the Common Core.  For starters, the resolution would add the necessary punch to enforce the existing Common Core shield law, HB 462, passed by the 83rd Legislature in 2013.

This is critical at a time when Common Core conferences and materials continue to seep into Texas classrooms, as Breitbart Texas has reported.   A dynamic final subcommittee resolution is something that its  members are hopeful will be added to the Republican platform to stop those independent school districts that do not comply to TEKS but align to Common Core, CSCOPE or other international related content.

A total of 15 presenters provided testimony to the education subcommittee.  This included concerned parents, taxpayers and conservative grassroots education advocates came to present solutions, some of which have been adopted since folded into the working version of the education resolution.

Parents like Jennifer Frank from the Fort Worth Area. She told Breitbart Texas, “This resolution actually would give teeth and meaning to the law by actually enforcing the law. Any parent that sees any of these (Common Core) standards and practices being used will be able to take concrete action.”

Frank was excited that some of her testimony was taken into consideration for the resolution.  She said it is even more important that whatever the resulting final version of the education subcommittee resolution, the resolution itself makes it into the state GOP platform because, she said, if it gets that far, it stands a good chance of making it into the 2015 legislative session.

Frank also said that the impetus for her getting involved politically came as the result of “finding out that Governor Perry actually outlawed Common Core last summer.”  She said,  that even though she thought there was no Common Core in Texas, “I kept hearing all of these stories from Northwest Fort Worth, Denton and Crowley school districts where parents were complaining at school board meetings that Common Core was ruining their kids’ education.”

Likewise, seasoned conservative education watchdog Bill Ames was a subcommittee presenter this week. Ames was previously appointed by former State Board of Education (SBOE) chairman Don Mc Leroy in 2009 as a member of a panel commissioned to review and revise the 11th grade U.S. history standards that were part of the Texas social studies curriculum. Many of Ames recommendations became part of the final standards.  He is also the author of the “Texas Trounces the Left’s War on History,” the book in which Ames told the story of how progressive educators and the left-wing media attempted to hijack American history, and how SBOE conservatives and hundreds of mainstream Texans rejected the attempt.

Breitbart Texas spoke with Ames who said that he presented resolution testimony that, if included, will result in the oversight legislation to ensure that local school districts teach a tradition academic and knowledge-based curriculum. That means, each school district in Texas must certify that it is TEKS compliant, the cost of non-compliance would be the reduction of state spending for that district.

For his recommendations to the education subcommittee resolution, Ames sourced the Texas Education Code 28.002 (h), which in part states “A primary purpose of the public school curriculum is to prepare thoughtful active citizens who understand the importance of patriotism and can function productively in a free enterprise society with appreciation for the basic democratic values of our state and our national heritage…”

These are only in the proposal stages. The resolution will continue to change throughout the subcommittee process.  For example, in a more recent version the resolution, a possible outcome for a Texas school district using the national or international core curriculum, or using and/or modifying college entrance exams to align with national core standards would make it a violation of  HB 462 where a district would lose all state funding until the curriculum is removed permanently from a school’s classrooms.

Breitbart Texas spoke to education subcommittee chairwoman Susan Fletcher, from Senate District 8, who emphasized everything remains a proposed plank until it is agreed upon and they move through the ratification process.  All proposed planks await ratification by a temporary platform committee, followed by a permanent platform committee and which then goes to approval from the entire delegation.

Until then, there’s a lot of topics for the subcommittee to tackle. From TEKS compliance and educational content standard issues, to college tuition requirements, parental rights, K-12 and higher education funding, local control, special needs, American identity, English Language learner assistance, career and technology education, college tuition requirements, parental rights, and equal access to state education grants for Texas students based on measurable criteria are also under subcommittee discussion are all on the proposed plank list.

“Texas Republicans on this subcommittee are taking a hard stand against Common Core. I hope that by the end of the convention, we can say that all grassroots Republicans took a hard stand!,” Fletcher added.

Fletcher, who is the Republican pick for Collin County Commissioner, Precinct 1, will take office after the November general election, according to the Texas Local Government Code.  Fletcher runs unopposed on the ballot.

She also told Breitbart Texas, “I am very thankful for the work of the Education subcommittee and I’m encouraged that we were able to preserve our conservative planks and even add additional planks to strengthen our stand against this national ‘Core’ curricula and other harmful instructional materials.”

Fletcher added, “I believe that we must be vigilant to protect our children from any initiatives aimed at indoctrinating or conforming students to a pre-determined position. It is critical that we eliminate the use of Common Core / CSCOPE instructional materials, as well as educate the public regarding the dangers surrounding their use.”

Other key items in the working template include supporting legislation that would prohibit non US citizens from unlawfully enrolling in free public schools, opposition to public funding of foreign charter schools, transparency and accountability; and opposition to the use of “quota systems” for college entrance admissions.

Additionally, in its support of knowledge-based education, the subcommittee is reviewing planks that oppose outcome-based learning, which according to a version of the draft “focuses on behavior modification and has the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed believes and undermining parental authority.”  Instead, the subcommittee proposal encourages critical thinking skills based learning through logic, rhetoric an analytical sciences. These are only an overview of many planks in progress. 

“We support a return to the traditional basics of reading, writing, arithmetic, and citizenship with sufficient discipline to ensure learning and quality educational assessment,” Fletcher told Breitbart Texas.

On Friday, June 6, there will also be a noontime breakout session with Senator Dan Patrick (R-Houston). Patrick is currently chairman of the Texas Senate Education Committee.  He is also the grassroots conservative GOP nominee for Lt. Governor. 

According to Fletcher, it is the subcommittee chairs’ hope that the final version of the resolution will be ratified on Saturday morning as part of the Texas GOP platform. In addition to Fletcher, Educating Our Children sub-committee members are  Larry Gonzales, Senate District 52 (SD 52), Dwayne “Doc” Collins (SD2), Sharon Graves (SD3), and Morgan Graham (SD 27). Gregg County’s Neal Frey, conservative Christian textbook reviewer, also provided testimony.  Breitbart Texas will continue to follow this resolution.

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