UKIP: The Prospects and the Pitfalls on the Long March to Liberate Britain

The blitz on UKIP has redoubled in frenzy over the past few days. Accusations of the leadership “rigging” candidate selection, another contrived MSM row over policy “confusion” on sex education for primary schoolchildren, bogus Twitter accounts impersonating UKIP branches with a view to discrediting the party – just another round in the David and Goliath struggle between Nigel Farage’s insurgency and the Europhile, pro-immigration, PC consensus that rules this country via a sense of entitlement rather than popular mandate.

There has never, in living memory, been such a concerted attempt to suppress a political movement in Britain as the blizzard of misrepresentation, media ambushes and demonisation directed against UKIP. While it is only fair to concede that Farage and his colleagues appear to thrive on it, that should not blind us to another aspect of this campaign: the cynical, unprincipled contempt it exhibits towards the electorate and the national interest.

It is not really UKIP that is under attack: it is the people and principles the party represents, i.e. the indigenous, patriotic, largely Christian, non-metropolitan majority of Britons who simply want their country back. That aspiration is anathema to the three consensual legacy parties, the Islington and Notting Hill dinner party circuits, the mainstream media, the BBC, the equality-and-diversity industry and all the other engines of degeneracy that have all but destroyed Britain.

These anti-national forces are hugely powerful and massively rich. They will not give up the power they have usurped in our former democracy without fighting tooth and claw to retain it. They fight dirty and that could be their Achilles’ heel. As they become increasingly desperate to derail UKIP it is more than likely that one element in the anti-national alliance – the clever money is on the gilded youth in the Tory bunker – will perpetrate some extravagantly crass ploy that will backfire spectacularly before next May, with devastating consequences for the perpetrators.

That said, there are serious pitfalls for UKIP. The most menacing is the possibility of the party falling victim to its own success. Its membership has now passed the 40,000 mark. Its electoral success is such that talk of UKIP holding the balance of power is no longer a whimsical speculation by its supporters in the pub but a nightmare haunting its enemies. With each advance and the prospect of power, or at least significant influence, becoming a real possibility, a dangerous temptation presents itself.

In the drive to increase the vote, to reach out to more and more voters, UKIP’s leadership could fall victim to the siren delusion that destroyed the Conservative Party: the myth of the need to occupy the “centre ground”. There is no such place – just a black hole that swallows principles and repels supporters.

Since it might be 2020 before UKIP has sufficient support to implement policy, it would be unwise to close down options that might by then be unavoidable, e.g. repatriation, awarding the Left a veto on policy. There should be no knee-jerk reaction to accusations that members have voiced “unacceptable” views, no rush to “disciplinary proceedings”. This is a favourite ploy of the PC establishment. By responding exaggeratedly to any opinion contradicting the consensus, the establishment – supported usually by a Twitter lynch mob of blushing violets who profess themselves “offended” – seeks to exact abject apology and disowning of “inappropriate” views. Mostly it succeeds.

This is a crucial weapon in the hands of the Frankfurt Marxist Left, policing the frontiers of orthodoxy in public discourse to silence all dissent. The Left is alarmed because it failed to hold the line on immigration, with opinions being voiced today that were suppressed five years ago. That has made the Thought Police more determined to censor opinion on all other topics. It must be frustrated in that ambition. Nigel Farage said two years ago he did not want “a party made up of a bland lot of ghastly people”. Nor does he have such a party; let’s hope he keeps it that way.

UKIP should even resist the temptation to have a policy on every issue: there are some areas of activity from which government should simply withdraw. Having failed to halt the advance of UKIP, the establishment’s next trick will be to try to Ramsay McDonald it, to draw its teeth by expanding the cosy consensus from three parties to four. That will fail, like all the previous transparent ploys.

But there is one trick UKIP itself must not miss. It has been gifted a slogan infinitely more inspiring than the plastic soundbites for which PR firms have trousered millions of pounds from the legacy parties. The memorable words of Mark Reckless, MP when he announced his defection, articulating the pride of British nationhood and this country’s determination to regain its sovereignty, should feature on every UKIP poster next May: “We are more than a star on somebody else’s flag.”

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The Committee Has Spoken: OSU, Baylor, Arizona on the Outside Looking In

The College Football Playoff Selection Committee released its rankings Tuesday night.

Mississippi State’s (#10) second loss allowed TCU to not only sneak into a playoff spot, but to Horned-Frog leap-frog over the undefeated Florida State Seminoles, whose string of unimpressive wins drops them to the fourth spot. The Crimson Tide and Ducks place one and two in the rankings. With Alabama (Missouri), Oregon (Arizona), and FSU (Georgia Tech) all embroiled in tough conference championships this weekend, the ability of an Arizona (#7), Ohio State (#5), or Baylor (#6) to break into the playoff with a slip by one of these teams certainly remains. The Wildcats likely control their own destiny much like their PAC-12 opponents this weekend. Far less likely scenarios involve Mississippi State (#10), Kansas State (#9), or Michigan State (#8) making it into the playoff.

Here’s the quick read of the committee’s rankings by Breitbart Sports college football writers Daniel J. Freeman and Dylan Gwinn…

Committee Not Impressed with FSU

The CFB selection committee sent two loud rumbles through the college football world in their Week 15 rankings. The first message, primarily to #4 Florida State, is that edging out inferior competition is not attractive and will not be rewarded. The second message, sent to #6 Baylor, is win and win big. Baylor has to convincingly defeat #9 Kansas State at home if it hopes to shift the committee’s perception of its resume disparity with TCU, whom Baylor beat.

Even if Baylor can rise to meet this challenge, the committee will be hard pressed to add Baylor and remove TCU with the Horned Frogs sliding into the number-three spot this week. Yet, with Florida State playing #11 Georgia Tech on a neutral field and #5 Ohio State losing its QB to injury, help may be on the way. A scenario that puts two Big 12 teams in the playoff is not unlikely.

–Daniel J. Freeman

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Arizona Best Shot to Crack Big Four

Baylor can cancel the check to the PR firm they hired to sell their case to the playoff committee. The Bears aren’t going anywhere. Ranked behind TCU, Ohio State, and now FSU, the Bears can bet on going bowling somewhere other than NOLA or Pasadena.

Arizona actually has the best chance to crash the party out of anyone on the outside looking in. Slotted ahead of Michigan State at seven, with number two Oregon remaining on the schedule, the Wildcats could potentially get in over TCU even if TCU wins by virtue of knocking off Oregon twice in the same year. Unlikely, but it could happen. They would also have “favored nation” status if FSU loses to Georgia Tech, which could definitely happen if they get that second win over the Ducks.

Florida State moving down to fourth should not surprise anyone. The committee has obviously, and justifiably, disliked Florida State for weeks. Over the past six weeks, FSU has won their games by margins of 4, 11, 14, 4, 3, and 5. And the committee has ranked them 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, and 4. So, color the committee less than impressed with FSU’s near-death, late-game heroics against unranked football teams. Also, according to RJ Bell, Vegas says three teams not currently in the playoffs (Baylor, Mich St, Miss St) would be favored to beat the Seminoles. I know the committee isn’t supposed to factor in those things. Still, they read the papers too.

No need for Noles fans to fret, though. The committee will assure their spot with a win over Georgia Tech, and the #4 ranking will make their round-one game against Alabama in the Sugar Bowl a far better commute for the Noles than Pasadena. Of course, Alabama will annihilate them there, but at least Jameis and friends can hit Bourbon Street before their short trip back to Tallahassee.

–Dylan Gwinn

Dylan Gwinn is the host of The Mighty Gwinn Show heard on Yahoo! Sports Radio. Follow him on Twitter @themightygwinn.

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Sources: Gulf Cartel Commander Turns Himself in to US Authorities

MCALLEN, Texas — Local and federal agents arrested yet another high ranking commander within the Gulf Cartel on the Texas border. Preliminary information points to the capo turning himself in to U.S. authorities

Details of the arrest have not been released, however authorities confirm that on Tuesday afternoon they arrested Orlando Roberto “Comandante Boris” Rodriguez near Rio Grande City. Rodriguez is expected to go before a U.S. Magistrate Judge in the coming days to face federal charges.  

Starr County District Attorney Omar Escobar confirmed to Breitbart Texas that his investigator’s raided a house belonging to Rodriguez in Starr County and seized a large amount of money stashed in the property. Escobar said that while the case against Rodriguez is going federal, his investigators are working the asset forfeiture side and continuing with the criminal investigations into his network.

While details of the arrest have not been released by authorities, law enforcement sources confirmed to Breitbart Texas that Comandante Boris turned himself in to authorities at an international bridge.

Rodirguez was a close ally of Juan Francisco “Comandante Panochitas” Tamez Saenz one of the top commanders within the Gulf Cartel who had risen to control one of the factions fighting for control of the organization. As previously reported by Breitbart Texas, Tamez Saenz was arrested in the border city of Edinburg, Texas before being move to Beaumont where he is awaiting trial.

According to law enforcement sources that spoke with Breitbart Texas, Rodriguz was a top hitman for Tamez Saenz credited with numerous murders, but after his bosses arrest he appears to have been run out of town by the other factions of the Gulf Cartel.  

As previously reported by Breitbart Texas, after years of infighting, the older members of the Gulf Cartel and the Zetas issued out a communique claiming to have joined forces in order to “bring peace” to the area. In that communique the older members referred to as “Vieja Escuela” or Old School said they would be dealing with unruly members, it remains unclear if Rodriguez flight from Mexico may be tied to that “Limpa” or cleanup mentioned in the communique. 

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UC Irvine Offers Students ‘Grief’ Counseling over Ferguson; Connerly Blasts

Former University of California regent Ward Connerly lashed out on Sunday at University of California, Irvine after the school held a “healing, grieving, and support” counseling session in the wake of a Ferguson grand jury’s decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown.

The counseling session was held on November 25th and was attended by about 80 students and faculty members, according to Fox News.

“If they really wanted to have a teachable moment of understanding the facts of the case as they were presented to the grand jury, that would be one thing,” Connerly told Fox. “But this isn’t about processing facts. It’s about processing the emotions of what you have been told about the case.”

Connerly said that the school’s decision to hold a grief counseling session instead of legal lessons related to the case shows that the school rejects the version of events presented to the grand jury. Connerly also questioned why students in California need grief counseling for an event that happened halfway across the country.

“What’s surprising to me is how individuals 2,000 miles away can somehow get really emotionally attached to this verdict, which leads me to believe it is somewhat make-believe,” Connerly added. “The notion that they can get all riled up to the extent that they need psychological help is really pushing the envelope.”

UC Irvine spokeswoman Laura Rico defended the counseling session in an email to Fox News.

“On Tuesday afternoon, UC Irvine’s counseling center offered students an opportunity to talk through their feelings about the Ferguson grand jury’s decision in a constructive space,” Rico said. “UC Irvine hosts many targeted co-curricular activities for students, which in no way detract from studies, including any instruction students may receive on the law. The UCI counseling center’s goal is to provide outreach and support in many formats. This facilitated discussion of a high-profile event is one way to do just that.”

Mike Adams, an associate professor of criminology at University of North Carolina, told Fox he agrees with Connerly’s sentiment.

“Our universities are supposed to be dedicated to the pursuit of truth, not to the intentional promotion of falsity,” Adams said. “In this case, a Cross Cultural Center is actually inhibiting cultural understanding by seeking to resurrect a discredited narrative.”

Connerly was a member of the University of California board of regents from 1993-2005. In 1996, Connerly was instrumental in the passage of Proposition 209, a ballot initiative that prohibited affirmative action consideration in the hiring practices of governmental agencies in California. Connerly is now the chairman of the American Civil Rights Institute.

Photo: Manuel Balce Cenata/AP

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School Board Member Dreaming of a ‘KKK Christmas’ on Facebook

He said it was meant to be a joke but no one is laughing in Hooks Independent School District (ISD) where school board member Chris Harris posted a highly offensive meme of a hooded Ku Klux Klansman with the capitalized caption — I’M DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS, NBC-6 reported.

The news traveled fast over Thanksgiving week in the tiny town of Hooks, located in the Texarkana area of Texas, creating quite a stir. Following online criticism in response to the post, Harris apologized online, acknowledging that the post “offended people” and “was very inappropriate.” He said he was not a racist and was “truly and deeply sorry.”

Hooks Independent School District Superintendent Ronnie Thompson told the TV news outlet that “you have to be careful” about what is posted online “because it can do a lot of damage to you and others.” He added, “People can get into trouble quickly.”

Thompson also said that because of this, Harris’ job as a school board member could be on the line but it is not his decision to make. That will be left up to the district’s school board which next meets on December 15.

According to Thompson, if (the board) does not have a resignation letter from Harris prior to that next meeting, they will vote on whether or not he should be fired.

NBC-6 also reported that they made multiple efforts to speak to Harris to get his side of the story. “He never returned any phone calls and we were told he was not at work when our news crew stopped by his place of employment,” they stated.

Instead, they spoke to a local resident who knows Harris and called him a very nice gentleman who “made a bad judgment call on posting that.”

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