GOP Rep: Obama ‘Owes a Profound Apology to George Bush’ and Those Who Died Securing Iraq

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Barack Obama owes former President George W. Bush and those Americans who died fighting in Iraq an apology, Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks said Thursday after attending a classified briefing on ISIS.

Franks read excerpts from remarks Bush made in 2007 about the situation in Iraq. 

“‘To begin withdrawing before our commanders tell us we are ready… would mean surrendering the future of Iraq… It would mean that we’d be risking mass killings on a horrific scale… It would mean we’d be increasing the probability that American troops would have to return at some later date to confront an enemy that is even more dangerous,'” Franks quoted Bush.

Wednesday night, President Obama laid out his plan to confront the terrorist group ISIS, which has strongholds in Iraq and Syria. 

Thursday, Congress heard from administration officials in a classified briefing about the situation as they consider Obama’s request for authorization to train and arm the Free Syrian Army as a way to combat ISIS.

“In order to get where we want to go, we have to be clear where we are and how we got here. And it’s clear in my judgement that this president has stood by with a golf club in his hands and watched the blood-bought gains of those who secured Iraq before evaporate, and I believe that he owes a profound apology to George Bush and every man and woman in the United States who died in Iraq securing those gains,” Franks, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, said after the House’s classified briefing. 

The Arizona Republican added that, while he and other GOP House members see Obama’s response as insufficient to combat the threat, he thinks Congress should support it. 

“While we may think there should be more, at least we should do what he’s asked for,” he said.

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‘If I Had a Gun, I’d Shoot You’: Sex Abuse Victims Shout Down Rotherham Police Chief

Abuse victims and relatives shouted down South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright as the region’s Police and Crime Panel passed a motion of no confidence against him.

In an impassioned public meeting of the Panel, Sarah Wilson, whose sister Laura was abused and killed in 2010 by Ashtiaq Ashgar, shouted at Shaun Wright: “You let my sister be murdered. You let us be groomed… You should be out or dead.”

She added: “Alarm bells have been ringing since I was 11 years old.

“How can you sit there and deny everything you’ve done? You can’t even look at me.

“You’ve done nothing to support us. I’ve had to live with this for 12 years and you’re still in your job. You should resign.”

Sky News reports that another woman said that when she was found aged 12 with older men, she was the one who was arrested. “He was a convicted sex offender but police arrested me. Why?

“What’s going to happen if we come forward? Nothing’s going to be done just like nothing’s been done in the past.”

Also present at the meeting was a man whose granddaughter had been one of the victims. He alleged that police had let four men who abused his granddaughter walk free, before telling Mr Wright: “You are a disgrace. If I had a gun, I’d shoot you.”

A chastened Mr Wright responded to the man by saying: “Clearly, if that took place, it’s an absolute disgrace.”

The angry calls came as Shaun Wright read a statement saying that he did not recall any MPs, councillors or members of the public complaining to him about child sex abuse when he ran children’s services in Rotherham.

He said: “The sexual exploitation of children is one of the most sickening aspects of our society. I am a parent of two boys and an uncle of four girls. I would never ever ignore something as heinous as child sexual exploitation.

“I have huge regret that I wasn’t more aware of the scale of the problem… I reiterate my apology to the victims… I have let them down.”

There have been widespread calls for Mr Wright to resign following the publication of a report showing a staggering level of child abuse in the town of Rotherham. It estimated that around 1,400 people were abused over a period of a decade and a half, with authorities accused of sweeping the problem under the carpet.

Shaun Wright was in charge of Rotherham’s child services while some of the abuses happened, but maintains that he had no knowledge of them. He was subsequently elected as South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, a position from which he has been urged to resign.

He has refused to do so, however, and a petition calling for him to go has now reached nearly 15,000 signatures.

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There is no ‘anti-war’ movement to speak of, just anti-Bush

In response to MSNBC Viewers Vote For Obama To Bypass Congress On Military Action Against ISIS:

88% of the MSNBC audience pronouncing itself comfortable with unilateral Obama war, with a symbolic nod toward the Bush congressional authorization of force that Obama campaigned on voting against, is mildly amusing, but it shouldn’t be surprising.  They’re not being hypocritical now; they were being dishonest back then.  

They’re not, and never were, “anti-war” – that was all vain ideological posturing to cover naked partisanship.  They”re anti-Bush.  That’s all it was ever about.  They’ll clap like baby seals while Obama gives a speech asserting his imperial power to wage endless military operations with no defined victory conditions or… what was the phrase liberals used to love?  Ah yes: exit strategy.  They won’t even think about asking Obama for his exit strategy.

They don’t care that this supposedly internationalist president, this Nobel Peace Prize-winning colossus who bestrides the world like a god, evidently didn’t check with anyone at all before he gave his speech last night.  By lunchtime of the following day, the UK said it’s not going to bomb ISIS in Syria, the Turks said we can’t use their air bases, the Russians told the UN it would be a violation of international law if Obama proceeds as planned, and the “moderate” Free Syrian Army Obama wants to arm admitted it has understandings with both ISIS and the Syrian franchise of old-school al-Qaeda.  

There have got to be mainstream-media lickspittles who are pausing in the middle of sugary blog posts praising Obama’s glorious speech to watch all this news scrolling down their Twitter feeds, and blinking dumbly at the flowery praise they just hammered out.  

In reality, George Bush was an accomplished leader who sought proper congressional authorization, was honest about the intelligence he had received, made a point of lining up a powerful international coalition, and had the strength of character to explicitly admit his mistakes when revising his Iraq strategy near the end of his second term.  Barack Obama is a careless dilettante who still has no idea what he’s doing, displays no leadership skills beyond a reasonable ability to read fiery speeches loaded into his teleprompter, and apparently thought the world would fall into line behind him after he finally came off the golf course and gave a big speech on ISIS to announce his “strategy.”  

But none of that will penetrate the bubble of the MSNBC audience, which cares about very little except the letter after the President’s name.  Unilateral warfare didn’t trouble them in Libya, and it won’t trouble them in Iraq, not when the President is a Democrat, especially this Democrat.  None of them cares about the disaster Obama made of Libya, and they won’t care what the Islamic State looks like in two years.

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NBA Commissioner: Don’t Fire Danny Ferry over ‘African’ Comment

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, who quickly emerged from David Stern’s shadow by exhibiting zero tolerance toward the racism of Donald Sterling, rejects the idea that Atlanta Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry plays as the front office equivalent of the man until recently inhabiting the Los Angeles Clippers owner’s box.

The commissioner explained to USA Today, “These words, in this context, understanding the full story here, the existence of the scouting report, the fact that he was looking at the scouting report as a reference when he was making these remarks, what I’m saying is – and frankly my opinion — is that this is a team decision in terms of what the appropriate discipline is for their employee. But if I’m being asked my view, I’m saying that, based on what I know about the circumstances, I don’t think it’s a terminable offense.”

Ferry maintains that he read from a scouting report on fellow Duke alum Luol Deng when he stated that the forward “got some African in him” but “not in a bad way.” The comment then characterized Deng negatively as a bit of a shyster. Ferry’s remarks sparked outrage within the organization and the internal investigation that ultimately led to the downfall of owner Bruce Levenson, who strategized in a memo on ways to attract white fans to Hawks games.

Magic Johnson called on Ferry to resign. “I’m proud to say I actually have a lot of African in me, not just ‘a little,'” Deng reacted in a statement. The forward, who ultimately signed with the Miami Heat, said the negative characterization linked to his heritage “saddened” and “disturbed” him.

“The discipline of a team employee is typically determined by the team,” Silver points out, “and in this case the Hawks hired a prestigious Atlanta law firm to investigate the circumstances of Danny Ferry’s clearly inappropriate and unacceptable remarks. In my view, those comments, taken alone, do not merit his losing his job.”

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Colorado Teen Sought Military Training Before Trying to Join ISIS

A Colorado teen pleaded guilty Wednesday to conspiring to provide material support to the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS), also known as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). The conspiracy started earlier this year when 19-year-old Shannon Conley of Arvada, Col. met an ISIS member on the Internet, who identified himself as Yousr Mouelhi.

In their communications, Conley and Mouelhi “shared their view of Islam as requiring participation in violent jihad,” the plea agreement said. The two later decided to get engaged and worked with other unnamed co-conspirators to arrange for Conley to travel to Syria to be with Mouelhi.

According to the plea agreement, Conley was fully aware that ISIS was a designated terrorist organization. She joined the U.S. Army Explorers (USAE) to learn military tactics and firearms use in hopes of fighting for ISIS forces in the future. FBI agents met with Conley several times to persuade her to not travel overseas to wage violent jihad, but she would not give up her jihadi ambitions. In March, Mouelhi and other conspirators helped Conley buy an airline ticket to travel to Turkey. She was arrestedApril 8 at Denver International Airport while trying to board her flight.

A search of Conley’s home revealed jihadi materials that included DVDs of lectures by now-deceased American-born Yemeni al-Qaida cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, as well as “a number of books and articles about Al-Qaeda, its affiliate groups, and jihad.” Agents also found “shooting targets labeled with the number of rounds fired and distances.”

Conley faces up to to five years in prison and a fine up to $250,000.

This article originally appeared at the Investigative Project on Terrorism.

Conley’s admission of her support for ISIS comes in the wake of the recent killings of Americans fighting for jihadi groups in Syria and Iraq.

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