2016: Ted Cruz Woos Big Money GOP Donors

From National Journal:

The foundation of a Cruz presidential campaign looks solid. He has brought in strong organizational talent. His alliances are multiplying in the early nominating states. And his standing among the grassroots has never been better. But one important area remains a source of concern: fundraising.

It’s a vulnerability Cruz is working to address. Earlier this month, the senator slipped away to Los Angeles for a series of meetings with top GOP donors, a trip that included a dinner at the California Club with a group of some 20 Republicans who served as bundlers for Mitt Romney in 2012.

Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt moderated the event, and said many of the attendees—whom he described as “Steve Forbes Republicans”—came away impressed. “There were blunt electability questions,” Hewitt said. By the time Cruz departed the dinner, he added, “they were all very, very pleasantly surprised.”

Hewitt declined to repeat Cruz’s argument for his own electability, but said: “He’s in the process of proving to people that he’s more Reagan than Goldwater. Opponents of his want to stick the Goldwater tag on him, so his challenge is proving that he’s more Reagan than Goldwater.”

The California swing came on the heels of a whirlwind tour through Manhattan in late November, which included a lengthy one-on-one meeting with GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson. Cruz aimed in both trips to correct what he calls a media-driven “caricature” of himself—one that took hold last year after he spearheaded a strategy to defund the Affordable Care Act that ultimately led to a government shutdown.

Despite the recent coastal visits, Cruz’s charm offensive begins in his own backyard, with some of the same Texas donors who shunned him two years ago.

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Ticket Sales Slow for Bill Maher at Berkeley

Comedian Bill Maher’s winter commencement address to the University of California at Berkeley this Saturday gained national attention after students asked the administration to rescind his invitation due to his strident recent criticisms of the Islamic faith. However, for all the controversy, Maher has proved a poor draw, with Berkeley barely selling half (3,800) of the available seats (7,000) for the event, according to university officials.

“Surpisingly, we actually had fewer tickets taken than usual,” Berkeley spokesperson Dan Mogulof told Breitbart News on Tuesday. “I would have expected there would have been more interest.” 

Ticket sales are now closed.

Maher was invited to give the commencement address by the Californians, a Berkeley student group, after an administration official made the initial suggestion. However, after Muslim students started an online petition in protest, the Californians reversed their decision and urged the administration to disinvite Maher. University officials declined to do so, arguing that Maher should not be punished for constitutionally-protected speech.

The controversy has erupted as Berkeley celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement, which inaugurated a decade of activism when students demanded the right to advocate for political causes on campus.

Maher has turned down an invitation by students to participate in a panel discussion after the commencement. 

University officials expect protests, but do not expect the demonstrators to disrupt the commencement itself.

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Public Donates Over $15K to I-5 ‘Hero’

Public Anointed ‘Hero’ and father of six Tyree Landrum just celebrated what he is dubbing the best Christmas of his children’s lives. Landrum was lauded for his ‘heroic’ efforts when he rebuked ‘Ferguson’ protesters that blocked I-5 in La Jolla, California, keeping many like Landrum and health care workers from their jobs.

Landrum expressed his frustration with one protester in particular that day, telling the University of California San Diego graduate student he was about to lose his job for being late. A nurse also on the freeway that morning yelled, “Arrest them!” and “We have doctors and nurses that have to save lives here.”

The UCSD student, Marcelis Murial, later issued an open letter in defense of his actions. No apology was granted to Landrum, but rather defense of Murial and his fellow protesters’ actions.

One man responded in a different way to Landrum’s actions, starting a crowdfunding campaign to provide Christmas gifts to the ‘hero’s six children. Aware from the report that Landrum was working hard to provide for his family and could have been fired due to the actions of the freeway protesters, Ryan Fusco started the fundraising campaign.

“Tyree is a dedicated father of six, working three jobs trying to make ends meet,” said Fusco. “Being inspired by his story is what prompted me to start this fundraiser,” he explained.

Fusco conveyed the amazement he experienced when his goal to raise $2,000 for the Landrum’s kids’ Christmas presents and ultimately raised over $15,000. The excess over what was spent on Christmas gifts was presented to Landrum in the form of a check.

Fusco and others decorated Landrum’s family Christmas tree and brought an exceeding number of wrapped gifts. Then Landrum’s kids came in with looks of surprise leading to literal jumps for joy.

Landrum, his wife, five kids and a baby gathered around in disbelief. Then with broad smiles and laughter began opening gifts as shown in the video of Fusco and the helpers’ reveal.

Landrum said he never could have given his children this much and spoke to the camera thanking all who donated or even supported him following the freeway confrontation. The entire family then yelled ‘Thank you!” to the camera.

The man that thought his actions on the freeway that day would land him in jail, instead led to an entirely different result as 10 News reported Landrum uttered, “I never expected my kids would get the best Christmas of their lives.”

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Massive Media Fail: Only 29% Oppose CIA Interrogation Methods

A Pew Research poll finds that the mainstream media and Democrats failed miserably in their coordinated attacks against the Bush Administration (and America) over Bush-era enhanced interrogation methods employed by the CIA against 3 terrorists to stop future terror attacks (and hunt down 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden).

Only 29% said the methods in question were unjustified. A majority of 51% consider them justified. A clear majority refused to buy into the media’s lies about these methods not working. A full 56% believe correctly that the intelligence gathered stopped future terror attacks. Only 28% disagreed.

Worse news for the media is that only 42% believe that the decision to release the flawed and dishonest Senate report (that started all of this) was the right one. A plurality of 43% believe the decision was wrong.

Only 46% of Democrats called the methods unjustified, while 37% said they were.

In the wake of the coordinated, media-wide Trayvon Martin and Ferguson race hoaxes, combined with the University of Virginia rape hoax, these poll numbers may in some way reflect a public that has simply stopped believing anything and everything that emanates from an institution rotting away due to unceasing corruption.


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Government Partially Backs Down Over Promotion of Gay Rights In Faith Schools

A small victory in the battle against the promotion of liberal values has been won, as the British government has backed away from Ofsted’s persecution of faith schools in the face of legal challenges and a letter writing campaign. According to new guidance issued, schools will be able to teach respect for people, rather than actively promoting alternative beliefs.

Since September when new guidelines came in, dozens of faith schools have been downgraded by Ofsted inspectors who have been promoting a liberal agenda under the guise of ensuring that schools teach ‘British values’. In November, Breitbart London reported on a number of faith schools facing downgrades, and even possible closure unless they actively promoted gay rights and other faiths.

At the time, the Christian Institute highlighted the fact that in some cases schools were being forced to change their curricula in order to comply with the Equalities Act, despite the Act exempting school curricula from the provisions of the law. The Institute threatened Ofsted with legal action.

The Institute’s supporters also enacted a letter writing campaign to express concern that religious freedoms were being trampled in the name of equality.

The action has paid off, as new guidance has now been issued which requires schools to promote respect for people, rather than respect for alternate beliefs; a change described by Simon Calvert, deputy director of the Christian Institute as an “important distinction”. He hoped that it would influence the way in which inspectors interpreted the guidelines.

The guidance also states that schools are not required to “promote alternative lifestyles or same sex marriage” – a matter that had become a sticking point for faith schools, as some pupils were reporting harassment by inspectors determined to teach pupils that “woman might choose to live with another woman and a man could choose to live with a man, it’s up to them” during inspections.

Furthermore, the safeguards included within the new guidance make it clear that school curricula are not subject to the Equalities Act.

However, there is still concern that Ofsted will simply carry on with their liberalising agenda regardless. Writing in the Spectator, broadcaster Dennis Sewell has warned that inspectors are taking a “liberal-intolerant approach” toward the promotion of British values in schools.

Sewell commented: “One of those British values is supposed to be ‘tolerance’, and implicit in the word ‘tolerance’ is that one should not have to like or approve what is tolerated. Yet we have already seen a school criticised for not ensuring different sexual orientations are ‘valued’, which means something else entirely.”

Although he welcomed the new draft guidelines for inspectors, he warned that, if Sir Michael Wilshaw, the head of Ofsted “wants to prevent Ofsted being held up to public ridicule every week in the tabloids for ‘political correctness gone mad’, this time he will have to make sure his inspectors do what he says.”

Mr Calvert has also said that Ofsted is simply not following guidelines in many cases. Consequently, the Christian Institute is “actively seeking to bring a test case against Ofsted where it has acted outside its remit, without proper regard for religious freedom,” he said.

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