Do Obesity, Poverty, and Pride Really Make Southern Football No. 1?

The South has superior football for three reasons–obesity, poverty, and pride–Colin Cowherd told his national ESPN Radio audience on Wednesday.

He referred to a piece this week in the Huffington Post, “How can two tiny states dominate in college football?,” noting that liberal outlets can print commentary like that while conservative ones cannot.

The often controversial Cowherd acknowledged that he and the media as a whole lean left of center, and protect their own, thus enabling Bill Maher to say things about Muslims that conservative commentators cannot get away with just as conservatives would have been attacked for the Huffington Post article. The first caller after Cowherd’s comments said that southern football talent often resulted because parents realized their children could not be rocket scientists and therefore chose this path. Cowherd told the caller that callers could say things like that but he could not–pointing to an apparent second double standard that he perceived.

OBESITY Cowherd referenced one scout who had told him that in the entire state of California there are only two elite lineman who weigh over 320 pounds, while in the much smaller state of Louisiana there are 17. Cowherd said the diets in the Deep South were different, and that as a result the talent pool elsewhere was smaller and–ironically–softer, stating that coaches have gone to USC and UCLA and commented that the teams were not as tough. According to the “State of Obesity” website, the state with two of the top three football teams in the country (Mississippi) ties with West Virginia as the most obese state, while the state that has won four of the last five national titles (Alabama) is one of six SEC states among the most obese (the ones outside the SEC are West Virginia and Oklahoma).

POVERTY Cowherd believes the Huffington Post is also correct in concluding that high poverty in the South makes success in football the only chance some have to improve economically. Former Super Bowl and college football champion Riki Ellison (USC and 49ers) once told me that he was one of the few middle-class players he knew who made it to the major college ranks. “The sport is so vicious that at some point if you have any other way to make it you quit football,” he told me, recalling instances of going back into a game one play after breaking fingers because he knew other players were there to take over his linebacking duties if he missed any time.

PRIDE Finally, Cowherd said that college football was simply a source of pride for Southerners, just like pro sports were in the Northeast and St. Louis baseball was in the Midwest. Cowherd believes Californians are simply focused on too many other things to make football a priority.

Based on my conversations with Riki Ellison, poverty surely seems to serve as a motivator. And certainly the pride in football plays as a big factor. We live in Auburn, and several years ago when my teenaged daughter visited Chicago she couldn’t believe that no one she had met grasped that Auburn reigned as the college football champion or that the school even fielded a football team–it was all Bears and Packers talk.

The obesity charge is tougher. The style of play is certainly a factor in shifts in sports. But when top football teams really did grind it out with sheer brute strength, the Big Ten often dominated. The more the rules have been changed to let receivers run down the field and linemen extend their arms to give the quarterback time to wait for the breaks, the faster players down South have been better and the West Coast athletes have given the Pac-12 plenty of good teams. People talk about SEC speed being better than Big Ten strength, and I have to think the muscular size of Nebraska and Wisconsin kids would trump the SEC if it truly were about size.

To quote my friend Meatloaf, two out of three ain’t bad.

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Nurses to Obama: Use Executive Action to Mandate Ebola Protocols for Hospitals

On Wednesday, a national nurses union called on President Barack Obama to use executive actions to mandate Ebola protocols for hospitals after two nurses at a Texas hospital that treated Thomas Eric Duncan came down with Ebola. 

In an October 15 letter, National Nurses United Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro asked Obama to “invoke his executive authority to mandate uniform, national standards and protocols that all hospitals must follow to safely protect patients, all healthcare workers, and the public.”

“The Ebola pandemic and the exposure of health care workers to the virus represent a clear and present danger to public health. We know that without these mandates to health care facilities we are putting registered nurses, physicians and other healthcare workers at extreme risk,” the letter states. “They are our first line of defense. We would not send soldiers to the battlefield without armor and weapons. In conclusion, not one more patient, nurse, or healthcare worker should be put at risk due to a lack of health care facility preparedness.”

The letter notes that hospitals should be directed to have “optimal personal protective equipment for Ebola that meets the highest standards used by the University of Nebraska Medical Centers,” full-body hazmat suits “that leave no skin exposed or unprotected,” and “at least two direct care registered nurses caring for each Ebola patient with additional RNs assigned as needed based on the direct care RN’s professional judgmnet with no additional patient care assignments.” They also called for more “continuous” and “interactive” training.

Union co-president Deborah Burger said what they heard from the nurses at the Texas hospital that treated Thomas Eric Duncan was “outrageous, heartbreaking and totally preventable.” She said nurses informed her that Duncan’s lab specimens were “sent through the tube system” instead of being hand-delivered to the lab, potentially contaminating the entire tube system. Nurses were given generic gowns and were initially told that masks and face shields were not mandatory. She said their necks were exposed, and nurses taped their necks with medical tape, which was not even impermeable and had permeable seams.  There were no protocols and nurses were not told of the proper way “to don and doff the personal protective equipment,” she added. Guidelines also changed several times while Duncan was being treated and there was “no policy or regulation regarding cleaning and bleaching the surfaces.” In addition, nobody initially picked up the hazardous waste, Burger said.

“This nurse was being blamed for not following protocols that did not exist,” she previously said. “The nurses in that hospital were very angry, and they decided to contact us.” 

According to a National Nurses United survey of 2,300 nurses at more 780 facilities in 46 states and the District of Columbia,” 85 percent of nurses “say their hospital has not provided education on Ebola with the ability for the nurses to interact and ask questions.” In addition, “40 percent say their hospital has insufficient current supplies of eye protection (face shields or side shields with goggles) for daily use on their unit” and “38 percent say there are insufficient supplies of fluid resistant/impermeable gowns in their hospital.” Another 41 percent “say their hospital does not have plans to equip isolation rooms with plastic covered mattresses and pillows and discard all linens after use” while “only 8 percent said they were aware their hospital does have such a plan in place.” 

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Shepard Smith Lectures Viewers as Ebola Continues to Spreads

Despite the news that a second American health care worker has contracted Ebola and was allowed to broad a commercial aircraft during the 21-day quarantine and the admission by CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden that an emergency team being sent to Dallas earlier could have prevented the two nurses from getting sick, Fox News Channel’s Shepard Smith lectured Americans on how they should react to the news on his Wednesday show.

Transcript as follows:

All together now, (breathing) — for the next few minutes I’m going to give you the facts on Ebola. It will take just three minutes. But first, today, give what we know, you should have no concerns about Ebola at all. None. I promise. Unless a medical professional has contacted you personally and told you of some sort of possible exposure, fear not. Do not listen to the hysterical voices on the radio or television or read the fear provoking words on-line. The people who write and say hysterical things are being irresponsible. Here are the facts. A man contracted Ebola overseas. Tragically he was dying in a Texas hospital. He was at his most contagious while showing the most severe symptoms, that’s how Ebola works.

And a health care worker at the hospital got the virus from him. She is doing well, she says. Skyping with her family from isolation just saying she’s blessed to have so much support and such great medical care. The CDC director told all of us he did, indeed, expect other health care workers at that hospital who treated that one dying patient to contract the virus and that’s now happened. Another health care worker at that same hospital now has Ebola. They tell us they’re transferring her to Emory University in Atlanta. Now before she showed symptoms, she flew from Cleveland to Dallas on Frontier Airlines. They say she should not have done that but she did. As we know if you don’t show symptoms you are not contagious. She did not show symptoms according to the doctors. Still, medical professionals are contacting everyone who was on that plane to make sure each person is okay. The CDC director says chances are very slim that any of those passengers is sick.

Now, big picture, this is important. You have to remember, that in the middle of all of this, you have to remember that there is politics in the mix. With midterm elections coming, the party in charge needs to appear to be effectively leading. The party out of power, needs to show that there is a lack of leadership. So the president has canceled fundraising and is holding meetings, and his political opponents are accusing his administration of poor leadership. For the purpose of this fact dissemination exercise, those matters are immaterial. Again, these are the facts. We do not have an outbreak of Ebola in the United States. Nowhere. We do have two health care workers who contracted the disease from a dying man. They are isolated. There is no information to suggest that virus has spread to anyone in the general population in America. Not one person in the general population in the United States.

Suggestions have been made publicly that leaders and medical professionals may be lying to us. Those suggestions are completely without basis and fact. There is no evidence of any kind of which we at Fox News are aware that leaders have lied about anything regarding Ebola. I report to you with certainty this afternoon that being afraid at all is the wrong thing to do. Being petrified and that’s a quote, is ridiculous. The panic that has tanked the stock market and left people fearful their children will get sick at school is counterproductive and lacks basis in fact or reason. There is no Ebola spreading in America. Should that change, our reporting will change. But there is nothing to indicate that it will. Best advice for you and your family at this moment get a flu shot. Unlike Ebola, flu is easily transmitted. Flu with resulting pneumonia killed 52,000 Americans last year alone. A flu shot will reduce your chance of getting flu. So get one.

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Indiana’s Mike Pence Is Reducing Government Waste and Expanding Private Employment Opportunities for Hoosiers

In an effort to protect taxpayers from wasteful spending, conservative elected officials over the years have embraced a number of good ideas for cutting public spending.

We have an especially strong tradition in this regard in Indiana, from Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith’s well-documented competitive outsourcing initiatives in the 1990s, to Governor Mitch Daniels’ use of allotment authority to take the state from $700 million in the red to $2 billion in the black, to Governor Mike Pence’s continued use of allotment authority and introduction of new tools to identify waste in public spending and make government run more efficiently.

All of that is good for taxpayers.

Another Indiana tradition embraced by conservatives is hiring highly accomplished private sector leaders to drive positive change in government. Governor Pence recently appointed former information technology entrepreneur and executive, Steve Braun, as Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. Braun will leverage his professional experience to ensure that state and federal training dollars are utilized to prepare unemployed, under-employed, and under-skilled Indiana workers for high-demand, high-wage jobs employers are trying to fill.

Job training dollars are famously subject to waste and inefficiency. Braun’s job will be to use his background to build new tools that help identify job opportunities in the most promising sectors for people in Indiana looking for work, and to prioritize the training that prepares people for these jobs.

Saving taxpayers money and promoting job creation are what conservatives do.

For this reason, it is odd that Breitbart’s Susan Berry sided with skeptics of government reform in her October 7 post. Berry describes Braun as a “data czar,” a term created by the teachers union in Indiana and promoted by others who are opposed to accountability and high standards in education. This is all fairly easy to discover by doing a few searches on Google and is well-known in Indiana among those who follow these issues.

There are no “data czars” in the Pence administration, and there never will be. Braun will be analyzing data on market trends and job opportunities, not individuals and students. Contrary to what Berry claims, this is all part of an overall effort to reduce the footprint of government programs in the economy and to expand the role of the private sector in job training.

Typically, reducing wasteful government spending is considered a conservative thing to do.

It would be incredibly irresponsible to continue to shovel job training dollars toward programs that do not work. That is what bureaucrats have done for years with the support of policymakers who care more about inputs like spending than outcomes like job placements. Mike Pence has made a commitment to ensure all job training dollars in Indiana are used to educate people for the jobs employers need to fill today and for jobs that are most likely to create upward mobility in the future for those in our state who are trying better their lives.

Dr. Ryan Streeter is Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy and Strategy for Indiana Governor Mike Pence. 

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Motorola Cites Flawed Fear-Mongering School Shootings Study to Sell Radios

On October 14 Motorola sent out a tweet citing a study which counted stabbings as “school shootings,” thus elevating the number of such incidents, and claimed one way to react to the increased number is by providing first responders with good radios–specifically with Motorola P25 digital radios.

An infographic accompanying the tweet cited Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety June 2014 study on “school shootings” with the caption: “74 school shootings since Sandy Hook in December 2012.” But as Breitbart News previously reported, the problem with this particular study is that it includes stabbings and incidents without injuries or fatalities as “school shootings.”

For example, the study includes the three people Santa Barbara attacker Elliot Rodger stabbed to death in an apartment as victims of “school shootings.” 

Some of the other incidents cited among the “74 school shootings” were allegedly gang or drug-related.

While this is an easy way for a gun control group to inflate numbers to their benefit, it is a terrible way for a company like Motorola to try to sell radios.

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