Common Core Architect David Coleman’s Next Deception: The New AP U.S. History Exam

Polls increasingly show that as more Americans learn about the Common Core standards, they don’t like what they see. Hopefully, Americans will feel the same way as they learn more about how the new Advanced Placement (AP) U.S. History exam will decimate the teaching of traditional American history, turning it into a leftist view of an America that is based on identity politics rather than a Constitution meant to protect the rights of individual freedoms.

The new AP U.S. History exam has been authorized under David Coleman, known as the “architect” of the Common Core standards and, now, the president of the College Board, the organization responsible for the SAT college entrance exam and the various Advanced Placement exams.

Conservative commentator Stanley Kurtz, a contributing editor for National Review Online, wrote on Thursday about the secretive manner in which the AP U.S. History exam was rolled out as well as the significance of this new exam.

“We are witnessing a coordinated, two-pronged effort to effectively federalize all of American K-12 education, while shifting its content sharply to the left,” Kurtz states.

He explains that while the College Board under Coleman has put on a public display of a lengthy “framework” for the new AP U.S. History exam, that framework actually contains only a few sample questions.

“Sources tell me, however, that a complete sample exam has to be released, although only to certified AP U.S. History teachers,” Kurtz continues. “Those teachers have been warned, under penalty of law and the stripping of their AP teaching privileges, not to disclose the content of the new sample AP U.S. History exam to anyone.”

Perhaps Coleman’s method of operations with the AP U.S. History exam is more recognizable now since it is one and the same as the method used in stifling public access to the Common Core standards. With the latter, English and Language Arts expert Dr. Sandra Stotsky and mathematician Dr. James Milgram, who were both invited to be members of the Common Core Validation Committee — apparently for little more than to serve as “window dressing” — said they were sworn to secrecy not to reveal discussions at their meetings with the committee. Subsequently, their recommendations regarding the standards were then promptly ignored by Coleman and the other lead writers.

Public access to the Common Core standards was also curtailed through a liaison with the federal government in which states could be enticed into adopting the standards by dangling federal funding and the promise of relief from federal No Child Left Behind restrictions in front of their eyes.

Without much ado, 45 state boards of education, having been strengthened in power over local school boards through years of legislation as well as a useful relationship with the U.S. Department of Education, adopted the unproven, untested standards — sight unseen.

Coleman’s achievement of keeping Common Core from public and media scrutiny is extraordinary when considering that the standards were developed by three private organizations in Washington, D.C.: the National Governors Association (NGA), the Council for Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), and progressive education company Achieve Inc. All three organizations were privately funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and none of these groups are accountable to parents, teachers, students, or taxpayers.

In addition, there is no official information about who selected the individuals to write the Common Core standards. None of the writers of the math and English Language Arts standards have ever taught math, English, or reading at the K-12 level. In addition, the Standards Development Work Groups did not include any members who were high school English and mathematics teachers, English professors, scientists, engineers, parents, state legislators, early childhood educators, and state or local school board members.

With his attention now turned to the AP U.S. History exam, Coleman is simply repeating a method that worked well for him with Common Core.

“This is clearly an effort to silence public debate over these heavily politicized and illegitimately nationalized standards,” writes Kurtz. “If the complete sample test was available, the political nature of the new test would become evident. Public scrutiny of the sample test would also expose potential conflicts between the new exam and existing state standards.”

Another deception observed by Kurtz is the College Board’s claim that the highly controlled new framework for AP U.S. History can be adapted according to the preferences of individual states, school districts, and teachers.

Once again, the parallel here is the now predictable pro-Common Core talking point that “the standards are not curriculum.” Supporters of the controversial standards claim teachers and local school districts can choose whichever curriculum they desire to comply with the standards. Of course, if they want their students to pass the Common Core-aligned tests, their best bet is to choose Common Core-aligned textbooks and lesson plans, which means content will be coming from those.

Regarding the AP U.S. History exam, Kurtz says that while it is true that the new AP framework allows teachers to include their own examples, the framework “also insists that the examples must be used to illustrate the themes and concepts behind the official College Board vision.”

Consequently, Kurtz observes:

The upshot is that James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and the other founders are largely left out of the new test, unless they are presented as examples of conflict and identity by class, gender, race, ethnicity, etc. The Constitution can be studied as an example of the Colonists’ belief in the superiority of their own culture, for instance. But any teacher who presents a full unit on the principles of the American Constitution taught in the traditional way would be severely disadvantaging his students. So while allowing some minor flexibility on details, the new AP U.S. History framework effectively forces teachers to train their students in a leftist, blame-America-first reading of history, while omitting traditional treatments of our founding principles.

Fortunately, leading the charge against Coleman’s latest deception, the new AP U.S. History exam, is Texas, which comprises about 10 percent of the College Board’s market.

As Kurtz explains, Ken Mercer, a member of the Texas School Board, is attempting to introduce a resolution that would rebuke and reject the new AP U.S. History exam. Mercer is being told, however, that the resolution cannot be introduced until September, when it will be too late.

Considering that if Texas could reject the new AP History exam the entire project could be cast into limbo, Ken Mercer needs to introduce his resolution.

Kurtz urges Texans to demand that Mercer’s resolution be introduced and passed as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the other 49 states should demand similar action.

“The public should also insist that the College Board release its heretofore secret sample AP U.S. History test for public scrutiny and debate,” Kurtz adds. “There is no excuse for withholding this test from the public.”

“The controversy over the AP U.S. History Test is going to transform the national battle over Common Core,” Kurtz told Breitbart News. “The changes to the AP U.S. History Exam, enforced by none other than David Coleman, architect of the Common Core, confirm widespread fears that the Common Core will lead to politicized indoctrination.”

“Up to now, Coleman and his allies have done their best to avoid overtly ideological moves,” he continued. “Now they’ve tipped their hand. The AP controversy is going to energize the anti-Common Core forces and push this battle to a whole new level.”

“The AP controversy will also make it vastly harder for anyone to claim that Common Core is a conservative reform,” Kurtz added. “Battle lines will soon harden and the controversy over K-12 education in America is about to take off.”

According to Education Views, Texans are alerted to contact the Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s office and urge him to stop the AP U.S. History exam from being implemented this fall. More information can be found here.

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McDaniel Continues To Review Ballots Ahead Of Challenge

Facing calls to concede from Ann Coulter and his opponent, State Sen. Chris McDaniel is moving full speed ahead with his challenge of the Mississippi GOP primary runoff election results and now has enough questionable ballots to cast the entire election result into question—adding that many of those ballots were cast ineligibly by Democrats who voted in the previous June 3 Democratic primary.

“We have found over 8,300 questionable ballots cast, many of which were unquestionably cast by voters ineligible to participate in the June 24th runoff election,” McDaniel said in a Friday statement.

McDaniel’s decision to move forward with the challenge comes as one key player who has emerged—the Rev. Stevie Fielder, a self-proclaimed pastor in Meridian, MS, has partially recanted an explosive allegation against the Cochran campaign. Fielder previously said he delivered $15 cash on the Cochran campaign’s behalf to voters in the black community to pay them to vote for Cochran—something the Cochran campaign vigorously denied, though one of those Fielder alleged to have been involved campaign manager Kirk Sims was replaced sometime in the past week.

In an interview with the Jackson Clarion-Ledger published on Friday, Fielder walked back part of that allegation—saying that while he didn’t personally pay for votes on Cochran’s campaign’s behalf, he was asked to do so and turned it down. Fielder also now says he is “aware” that others did engage in the behavior but declined to name any names.

Citing a Washington Post article aggregating that Clarion-Ledger piece, the Cochran campaign on Friday issued a press release calling on McDaniel to concede the election. “Another day, another article showing the writing on the wall for Chris McDaniel,” the Cochran campaign said. “It is time for Senator McDaniel to concede so Republicans can unite and ensure victory in November.”

State GOP chairman Joe Nosef, who has publicly stated he is a neutral party in this primary but has long been suspected by conservatives of secretly supporting Cochran, is touting the new Jackson Clarion-Ledger interview with Fielder.

“Defamation and the impacts of it are very serious things,” Nosef said. “That’s why I forwarded you that article. These are young people who have their whole lives ahead of them and once they are accused of something they can’t easily clear that up.”

But when asked if he can categorically guarantee, as state party chairman responsible for running the primaries, that no vote-buying occurred regardless of Fielder’s various statements, Nosef declined to answer in the affirmative.

Despite Fielder’s new account, McDaniel’s team says it has evidence it needs to move forward with a challenge, although none of the claimed ballot irregularities have been independently reviewed.

In addition, McDaniel is now calling on Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann to order county election officials in Mississippi’s 82 counties statewide to cooperate with the investigate from McDaniel’s campaign.

“As a result of the misleading information coming from the Secretary of State’s office, many Clerks were confused about proper disclosure of election materials to the candidates,” McDaniel said. “This has forced the Clerks and my team to needlessly expend resources on mandamus requests for materials that the statutes clearly say I am entitled to review. Thankfully most of the Clerks understood that our request was not a public document request, but was a request made by a candidate or designee. The records were therefore not subject to redaction, and access should have been granted.”

McDaniel is referring to a lengthy email sent on July 7 by Hosemann’s attorney Kim Turner to the state’s circuit clerks, in which she gave specific instructions to them on what information could be shared and what information couldn’t and with whom. In the email, which has been obtained by Breitbart News, Turner made several statements about access to poll books and the details about candidates and designees to review election records. McDaniel said in his statement that Turner’s email, on Hosemann’s behalf, constitutes Hosemann having “disseminated inaccurate information which apparently confused some the Clerks with respect to the ability of candidates and designees to view election records.”

“It appears the message Delbert Hosemann’s office sent to Circuit Clerks was intended to confuse the Clerks so as to prevent full and unfettered access and disclosure of the poll books to our volunteers,” McDaniel said. “Secretary of State Hosemann should clarify the policy for the Clerks so my campaign’s designees can be granted access to election records.”

McDaniel specifically says his team has not been allowed access to un-redacted poll books in the vast majority of Mississippi’s counties. “Sadly, however, our volunteers have been unable to gain complete access to unredacted poll books in approximately 58 counties, and also have not been granted access to absentee records in approximately 24 counties,” McDaniel said. “Unfortunately we have had to pursue further legal remedies in order to gain access to election records,” McDaniel said. “In addition, even though we’ve been granted access to poll books in many counties, we have often not been allowed to view Democratic and Republican books at the same time, cross referencing next to impossible.”

In response, Cochran’s allies in Washington—like National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spokesman Brad Dayspring—attacked McDaniel for questioning Hosemann’s role in this matter. “Now Chris McDaniel is attacking the Mississippi Sec of State,” Dayspring Tweeted. “Next he’ll blame cats in the state for his loss.”

But Hosemann, Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show, received multiple payments from Cochran’s campaign PAC Citizens For Cochran. For instance, on March 25, the FEC documents show that Cochran’s campaign paid Hosemann personally two separate payments worth a total of $5,000 for in-kind campaign materials. That same day, the FEC records show, Hosemann’s campaign “Friends of Delbert Hosemann” received another $2,500 from Cochran’s campaign.

McDaniel plans to hold a press conference in Mississippi next Thursday to discuss more developments as well.

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Top Virginia Official: Illegals Have More Privacy than Americans Under Obama

On Friday, a top elected official in Virginia accused the Obama administration of valuing the privacy of illegal immigrants more than that of Americans.

Appearing on Friday’s Laura Ingraham Show, Corey Stewart, the Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors in exurban Virginia, said that it is ironic that “under the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, if you are a U.S. citizen and you are a sex offender, you are registered and you’re tracked,” but “if you are an illegal alien, the local police have no way of knowing where you are, because ICE will not tell you.”

“The American citizens that have been convicted are being treated worse than illegal immigrants convicted for the same crimes, and this is happening repeatedly across our nation,” he said. “The justification that the Obama administration gives, when one inquires about the whereabouts of the 7,000 convicted illegal immigrants handed over to ICE, is shocking… ‘privacy.'”

After blasting the “double standard where the illegal alien is treated better than an American citizen,” Stewart said that since 2008, his county has handed over 7,000 criminal aliens to ICE who “weren’t just here illegally, but committed crimes in our community.”

He said the Obama administration at the top levels “has refused to release the whereabouts of these individuals, and we know that essentially they are just releasing them.” Stewart said the Obama administration will not even confirm whether they’ve “deported child predators, sex offenders, rapists, very serious criminals, that we are finding popping up in our community.”

“We know that because we have re-apprehended 10% of them for subsequent crimes. So you know that the actual number is much larger,” he said.

“If you or I committed a crime, it’s public information, it’s in the newspaper,” he said. “But if an illegal alien commits a crime and is subsequently deported or released, that information is private.”

Host Laura Ingraham said the administration does not release the immigration status of criminals because they are afraid of the “coming fury” that would result. She also blamed the mainstream media for not wanting to “swamp the narrative of ‘the valedictorian illegal immigrant.'”

“There’s an underlying agenda, pro-amnesty, and they don’t want anything to get in the way of it,” she said, emphasizing that such stories would “kill the lamestream media’s narrative” for amnesty.

Stewart said the outrage against rampant illegal immigration “crosses racial and political lines” and “when the truth comes out that the Obama administration is releasing criminal aliens that commit additional crimes… that is not something the American people will take kindly to.” He wondered why Republicans were running away from an issue that would unite Americans of all backgrounds.

Stewart and Ingraham also discussed the letter that the mother of an Arizona police sergeant who was killed by an illegal immigrant wrote to Obama:

President Obama,

I am writing this letter to you regarding illegal immigrants.

As a tax paying, law abiding citizen of the United States, I WANT my voice heard on this issue. My son, Sergeant Brandon Mendoza, an officer who was with the City of Mesa, Arizona police department, was killed in a tragic head on collision on May 12, 2014 by a wrong way driver on our freeways. This man happened to be an illegal immigrant, was in this country illegally, convicted of previous crimes, no Social Security number, no valid driver’s license BUT he had purchased a vehicle and registered it to drive in Maricopa County Arizona.

I had my son’s life STOLEN from me by a man who didn’t value his life, was 3X the legal limit drunk, was high on Meth, drove for over 35 miles THE WRONG WAY on 4 different freeways and had NO BUSINESS BEING IN THIS COUNTRY!!!

The Federal Government knew he, Raul Silva Corona , was an illegal immigrant when he was convicted on crimes in 1994 in Colorado. The prosecutors were “lenient” on him and several charges were dismissed. When he was convicted of these crimes and 1994 and the government knew he was in the country illegally, why wasn’t he deported? Why are any of these illegal criminals in this country??

I am furious that the Federal Government allowed this criminal to stay in this country and KILL my son! I have attached several articles for you to PERSONALLY read about my son. He was an Icon with the City of Mesa Police Department. He was instrumental in making life better for people of all walks of life in the park project he took on. He was humble, selfless, worked many hours off the clock helping disadvantaged children and often used his own money to do things for the community, including “adopting” children at Christmas to provide them with gifts… out of his own money!!

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Teachers Union’s Mixed Messages On Common Core Shows Weakness in Political Agenda

Though the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) received millions of dollars in funding from the private Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to support the development of the Common Core standards, the union will begin its annual convention in Los Angeles Friday with the announcement that it will award grants to assess the standards and write others to replace them.

That announcement comes as another resolution drafted by the AFT executive council–while not critical of the Common Core standards themselves–states the initiative has actually been the victim of political corruption, bureaucratic mismanagement, corporate cronyism, and “an invalid scoring system designed to ensure huge numbers of kids fail the new math and language arts exams that will be rolled out next spring,” says Politico‘s Stephanie Simon.

Despite the fact that the union has given much support to both the Obama presidential campaigns, AFT president Randi Weingarten is expected to be critical during the convention of U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who has been supportive of charter schools and applauded a recent court ruling that struck down teacher tenure in California.

Weingarten is expected to tell her teacher members that Duncan has not lived up to his promises to them, however, just days after she stood beside the education secretary as he endorsed his department’s new Excellent Educators for All Initiative, for which he will unilaterally offer funding to states and school districts who support experienced, high quality teachers for low-income and minority students in public schools.

In June of 2012, the AFT received $4.4 million from the Gates Foundation, the primary source of private funding for the development and implementation of the Common Core standards, “to support the AFT Innovation Fund and work on teachers development and Common Core State Standards.” Now, as Politico notes, the grants to “rewrite” the standards will come from the same fund:

In an ironic twist, the grant money will come from the AFT’s Innovation Fund, which until recently was supported by the Gates Foundation. Weingarten bowed to members’ anger at Bill Gates earlier this year and stopped accepting his foundation’s money for the Innovation Fund. The fund is now replenished with member dues and grants from the Ford Foundation and Atlantic Philanthropies, AFT officials said.

It is unclear, however, how grantees will in fact be legally able to “rewrite” the Common Core since the standards are the intellectual property of both the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers.

The AFT has called for a delay on the use of student scores on the assessments aligned with the controversial standards to help determine teachers’ performance evaluations. Perhaps in an admission that the Common Core initiative is in serious trouble with teachers unions, the Gates Foundation itself last month announced it was also urging a moratorium on the high-stakes Common Core-aligned testing decisions tied to teacher evaluations and student promotions for two years.

These announcements come along with a vote this month by the nation’s largest teachers union, the National Education Association (NEA), demanding the resignation of Education Secretary Arne Duncan, one by the Chicago Teachers Union, which has completely denounced the Common Core, and continued condemnation of the Common Core by the Badass Teachers Association, representing thousands of NEA and AFT members who demand their unions take a stand against the controversial education initiative. All these events strongly suggest that the nationalized standards are in deep jeopardy with the original primary stakeholders who also received Gates Foundation funding.

“In both the NEA and the AFT, the leadership made the decision to allow the frustration that some of the rank and filers are feeling to spill out into the open,” said Joe Williams, executive director of Democrats for Education Reform, which has backed Duncan. “They must be making the calculation that the frustration itself is going to be something that helps them advance a political agenda.”

Ironically, the AFT is asking its teacher members for a hike in their union dues to support further aggressive political activism, now apparently to combat some of the very issues it has supported.

According to Politico, Common Core supporters have expressed concern that the ensuing AFT debate about the standards will increase anti-Common Core sentiment–already prevalent in many states and local school districts in the nation, particularly among grassroots parent groups–for an initiative that has become one of the Obama administration’s key education priorities.

“If they continue to speak positively for the standards, that’s a positive,” said Michael Brickman, national director for the pro-Common Core and Gates- funded Fordham Institute, who added he hoped AFT leaders would minimize their anti-Common Core rhetoric.

Linda Darling-Hammond, an education professor at Stanford who was education advisor to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and now is involved in the development of assessments for the Common Core standards, said of the recent blow to Common Core at the hands of the AFT, “It certainly is a big, loud warning shot.”

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Billionaires Call for Amnesty as Obama Plans to Legalize Millions of Illegal Aliens with Executive Power

Billionaires Warren Buffett, Sheldon Adelson and Bill Gates have teamed up to call for amnesty for America’s illegal immigrants as a solution to the ongoing crisis at the border as President Barack Obama mulls granting amnesty to millions via executive power.

“The three of us vary in our politics and would differ also in our preferences about the details of an immigration reform bill,” Buffett, Adelson and Gates wrote in the New York Times. “But we could without doubt come together to draft a bill acceptable to each of us. We hope that fact holds a lesson: You don’t have to agree on everything in order to cooperate on matters about which you are reasonably close to agreement. It’s time that this brand of thinking finds its way to Washington.”

The three billionaires pushed parts of the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” immigration bill that they each like, and argued that it or a version of it should become law.

“A ‘talented graduate’ reform was included in a bill that the Senate approved last year by a 68-to-32 vote,” they wrote. “It would remove the worldwide cap on the number of visas that could be awarded to legal immigrants who had earned a graduate degree in science, technology, engineering or mathematics from an accredited institution of higher education in the United States, provided they had an offer of employment. The bill also included a sensible plan that would have allowed illegal residents to obtain citizenship, though only after they had earned the right to do so.”

Buffett, Adelson and Gates called on House Speaker John Boehner to push for an amnesty bill—and to break his previous promise that there would never be a conference committee with the Senate’s Gang of Eight bill.

“Whatever the precise provisions of a law, it’s time for the House to draft and pass a bill that reflects both our country’s humanity and its self-interest,” they wrote. “Differences with the Senate should be hammered out by members of a conference committee, committed to a deal.”

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), the leading immigration hawk in Congress and ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, responded to Buffett, Adelson and Gates by arguing President Obama can’t be trusted to handle any immigration laws.

“The President cannot be trusted to enforce any immigration law,” Sessions said in a statement. “We are in the midst of a border disaster—created by the President’s lawlessness—and Mr. Adelson, Mr. Gates, and Mr. Buffet want to implement a massive amnesty bill. Such a plan would wreak havoc on our nation’s laws and borders, which mean a great deal to the good and decent citizens of this country. It is clear that three of the richest billionaires in the world have no clue what Congress ‘owe[s] to the 318 million who employ them’. We owe them our loyalty, our compassion, our devotion. It is precisely because of our duty to the working people of this country that we must stop legislation that would import tens of millions of lower-wage workers to replace them.”

The National Journal‘s Major Garrett recently reported that President Obama is actually considering granting amnesty via executive order to upwards of five million more illegal aliens; Obama has already, through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, used executive power to allow millions of illegal alien children to remain in the United States via executive power.

“Obama made it clear he would press his executive powers to the limit,” Garrett wrote on July 3. “He gave quiet credence to recommendations from La Raza and other immigration groups that between 5 million to 6 million adult illegal immigrants could be spared deportation under a similar form of deferred adjudication he ordered for the so-called Dreamers in June 2012.”

Meanwhile, some in Congress—both Republicans and Democrats who support amnesty—plan to tie the current border crisis to a larger amnesty play. The New York Times quoted Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) as working with fellow Gang of Eight members Sens. John McCain (R-AZ) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to begin “preliminary discussions about the possibility of tying a solution to the current crisis to a broader deal.”

“It’s a way to start securing the border in line with the Senate bill,” Graham said. “If you could use this as an opportunity to beef up the border, I think it makes future immigration reform more likely.”

Electorally, pushing for amnesty has proven to be a disaster for incumbents in Congress. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his primary to economist Dave Brat largely over the issue, which Cantor pushed from his leadership slot including a plan that would have used the United States military as a tool to grant amnesty to illegal alien minors who would enlist.

Buffett, Adelson and Gates used their New York Times op-ed as an effort to ease the electoral concerns of many in Congress after Cantor’s loss. Without actually naming Cantor, they wrote that his loss shouldn’t spell the end of amnesty for illegal aliens.

“American citizens are paying 535 people to take care of the legislative needs of the country,” the billionaires wrote. “We are getting shortchanged. Here’s an example: On June 10, an incumbent congressman in Virginia lost a primary election in which his opponent garnered only 36,105 votes. Immediately, many Washington legislators threw up their hands and declared that this one event would produce paralysis in the United States Congress for at least five months. In particular, they are telling us that immigration reform — long overdue — is now hopeless. Americans deserve better than this.”

But the billionaires’ soothing words haven’t helped many struggling pro-amnesty members. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN), for example, after having voted for the Senate’s Gang Of Eight bill in 2013, is now taking a hard line on border security. “The president needs to secure the border now – using the National Guard in the way that President Bush did if that’s what it takes – and deal with this crisis of unaccompanied children illegally entering our country,” Alexander said at a recent Appropriations Committee hearing. “We need to send these unaccompanied children back home safely, as quickly as possible, and we should cut off foreign aid to countries that don’t cooperate.”

Alexander’s primary challenger state Rep. Joe Carr, a conservative who is, like Brat did against Cantor, running against Alexander’s support of amnesty, has hammered him over it. “It’s bad enough that Lamar Alexander says he knew about the border crisis for years and did nothing about it, but for him to suggest that Congress can’t do anything but wait for President Barack Obama is quite frankly, very dangerous thinking,” Carr said in a Friday statement, for instance. “This is a lawless President who has no regard for the rule of law – if anything, we need Senators like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Jeff Sessions who aren’t afraid to assert themselves and proactively take action, not sit around like Lamar Alexander and wait for Barack Obama to do more damage.”

Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA), who’s running for U.S. Senate in Louisiana against Democrat incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) and Tea Party-backed Col. Rob Maness, has waffled on whether he’ll support the President’s proposed $3.7 billion in new spending on the immigration crisis. Maness has, like Carr has against Alexander, honed in against Cassidy’s failure to take a hardline against amnesty.

Over in Mississippi, state Sen. Chris McDaniel ran hard on amnesty, signing an anti-amnesty pledge and seizing on a handful of small votes by his opponent, Sen. Thad Cochran, who voted against the “Gang of Eight” bill as well as the 1986 Reagan amnesty. McDaniel narrowly won the initial primary, and despite losing the runoff, is estimated to have won among Republican voters. Cochran prevailed by targeting Democrats to cross party lines.

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