Many Immigrants Stuck in Mexico Stash Houses Just Outside US

HOUSTON, Texas–Thousands of illegal immigrants–most of whom are from Central America–continue to cross the U.S.-Mexico border each day, but there are many who never never complete the dangerous journey north because they run out of money. The trip from Central America can be a life-threatening one, but rumors of “amnesty” have only caused more immigrants to make it to the U.S. at any cost. 

Zack Taylor,  Chairman of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, told Breitbart Texas that smugglers typically charge hopeful foreigners hundreds of dollars to take them from their home countries to the U.S. Often, however, the immigrants run out of money along the way. 

The Arizona Republic reported that due to this problem–which, it appears, is becoming increasingly common–migrants are “amassing” at the Rio Grande River’s edge, just within sight of the U.S. 

14-year-old Brayan Duban Soler Redando of Honduras reportedly ran out of money and couldn’t pay a smuggler to take him across the river. Now, he is stuck in a shelter Reynosa, a city plagued with violence and cartels. Such shelters, just outside the U.S., “are packed these days with migrants planning to cross the river and enter the United States illegally,” the Arizona Republic reported. 

Beds are full and space is tight in Reynosa-based smuggling houses, as an increasing number of immigrants cannot afford to a pay a smuggler across the Rio Grande. 

The Obama Administration vehemently insists that violence and poverty in the migrants’ home countries is the cause of the border crisis. 

Many others, however, claim the administration’s actions and rhetoric–which has caused Central Americans to believe they will receive amnesty–has caused thousands of children like Redando to risk their lives. “The U.S. is partly responsible for foreign nationals taking extreme measures that risk the lives of their children,” Taylor said. 

Indeed, upon arrival in the U.S., the migrants are not turned away. Instead they are given taxpayer subsidized benefits that include housing, food, recreation, counseling, education, and legal advice. On top of this, hundreds of illegal immigrants are being released by U.S. authorities each week.

Those who make it to the U.S. are the lucky ones–but there is an unknown, albeit growing, number of Central Americans who do not complete the dangerous journey and could be left in a situation worse than the one they initially fled from. 

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British Student Recruits for ISIS

A 20-year-old Cardiff medical student was last night revealed to be the Briton behind a video posted online to recruit new fighters for radical Islamist group ISIS.

Nasser Muthana appeared in the propaganda video urging other would-be jihadists to join him.

His father, Ahmed, told the media last night that he “wanted to cry” after finding out that his son was a jihadi fighter. “Is he going to kill?” his father asked. “He didn’t think of the children, the women, elderly people. Someone is driving these kids to do this.”

Nasser had originally been accepted into four universities to train to be a doctor, but he disappeared in November.

In the video, Nasser is identified by an alias, Abu Muthanna al-Yemeni, and said that the promised to take the fight to Iraq. He was currently across the border in Syria, fighting the forces of president Bashar al Assad.

The video comes after the Telegraph reported that a counter-terrorism specialist warned that Britain had become a “hub” for international jihad. He said the British-born extremists were “exporting” their expertise around the world.

Earlier this year, counter-extremism group Student Rights reported on the Islamic Society at City and Islington College in London, who shared a photo of ISIS fighter Iftikar Jaman on Facebook. This picture included a quote which read: “I did not come here for Doula [ISIS], nor did I come here for Jabhat [Al-Nusra]. I came here to be among those who are trying to make Allah’s word the highest”. The Islamic society said these words should be “an inspiration for us all”.

The group warned that this and other incidents represented a growing problem of radicalisation among vulnerable Muslim students, yet the National Union of Students denounced the group as “Islamophobic” last month passed a motion condemning it.

It remains to be seen what action the NUS will now take in light of increasing radicalisation of students.

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Hong Kong Is Becoming Dangerously Polarized

From The Economist:

For years after the return of Hong Kong to Chinese sovereignty in 1997, China’s leaders surprised the world by adhering scrupulously to Hong Kong’s unusual political set-up of “one country, two systems”.

Under the terms of the handover, Hong Kong was to retain a high degree of autonomy for 50 years, an ingenious solution for reintegration of a former colony.

In recent years, however, party leaders in Beijing have become less respectful of that system, and that is stirring up resentment.

On June 22nd a protest group called Occupy Central will hold an informal referendum on Hong Kong’s politics. Since 1997 Hong Kong’s chief executive has been chosen by a hand-picked committee of 1,200 local worthies, all friends of Beijing. China has promised that in 2017 the choice will be by “universal suffrage”, but it still insists that the candidates must be chosen by the worthies. This weekend’s referendum offers voters three choices, all of which give Hong Kongers the right to choose the candidates. Occupy Central says it will promote the most popular option. China has said none is acceptable.

To add spice to all this, the regime in Beijing has issued a white paper reminding the territory that Hong Kong’s “autonomy” is entirely at the discretion of China’s leaders. It adds that the judiciary is part of the government and has a “basic political requirement” to “be patriotic”. That flies in the face of Hong Kong’s independent judiciary and its common-law, English legal system. The response of many Hong Kongers has been more angry than at anything since 1997. Occupy Central has threatened to bring the business district to a standstill.

Read the full story at The Economist.

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Threats, Bribes, and the KKK: The Most Insane Story of the MS Senate Race

HERNANDO, Mississippi — The Senate GOP primary has been a wild ride, but few moments have been as wacky as this one.

When a top Mississippi Democrat accused Lane “L.C.” Murray in a Facebook post of using shady tactics to help Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS), Murray purportedly left a threatening voicemail to a Republican state senator who posted about the matter on Twitter. But in a phone interview, Murray, who was formerly a high-ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan, says he actually supports Cochran’s challenger, state senator Chris McDaniel, and isn’t backing Cochran at all.

The saga began when state Democratic Party chairman Rickey Cole said Murray is part of a group of Democratic operatives being paid to get out the vote for Cochran by targeting Democratic voters and using “walking around money” to incentivize turnout.

Then State Sen. Tony Smith posted a screenshot of the Facebook message from Cole raising the allegations on Twitter, prompting Murray to call Smith.

“Tony, this is Lane Murray again—you just hung that dang phone up on me,” Murray says in the voicemail, an audio recording of which was obtained by Breitbart. “You want me to come down there and shove it up your ass? You better get your ass back on that telephone and you better get that shit retracted—what you said I was doing. You understand this don’t you? I know where Picayune, Mississippi, is you son of a bitch. You better get that shit straight on my name.”

Reached by phone early Friday afternoon, Murray says he didn’t threaten Smith—just promised he would beat him up if he didn’t retract a screenshot of Cole’s claims about Murray.

“I didn’t threaten him, I promise. I’m one of your people,” Murray said. “That son of a bitch put something on the blog that wasn’t true about me and I called him and he wanted to be smartass and I didn’t threaten him—I promised to whoop his ass if he didn’t retract what wasn’t true. Now it went viral and he told a lie about me that wasn’t true.”

Later in the interview, Murray did apologize to Smith for the tone of his message.

“I never knew Tony Smith until the other day, and I know everybody in Mississippi,” Murray said. “He hung up on me. What I had tried to tell him is he and I may be on the same side and he put some trash out on me that’s not true. He didn’t want to listen. He wanted to get smart, so I got smart back with him. I apologize for that, but what would you have done if someone put a bald-faced lie that’s going all over the nation about you?”

Murray said he was trying to correct an allegation about him he says just isn’t true. Murray also said he’s a supporter of McDaniel—something he’s never been public about.

“You don’t tweet out something that you don’t verify to be true—at least that I know,” Murray said. “I’m one of your people, there son. I’m one of your people.”

“I’m not publicly [for McDaniel but I am for McDaniel], but I’ve known Thad Cochran for a long time and I’ve known Chris McDaniel for a long time,” Murray added. “I can tell you this, too: Thad’s going to get his butt beat in this race.”

Murray, an ex-Klansman from Natchez, works as a political gun for hire in Jackson, Mississippi. He’s a longtime activist with ties in both parties.

“L. C. Murray of Natchez, Miss., was an outspoken Klansmen in the 1960s, attending banquets and rallies across Louisiana and Mississippi as ‘grand kligrapp,’ the state secretary for the United Klans of America (UKA),” an LSU student wrote in a piece published by the CBS News affiliate in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 2012.

Murray confirmed his Ku Klux Klan ties to Breitbart News, but refused to discuss the details of it.

“Years and years, ago. Yes sir,” he said when asked to confirm he was once a high-profile member of the KKK.

“You already know about that—no need to go into it,” Murray said when asked for details on his KKK work.

Cole, the state’s Democratic Party chairman, wrote in a Facebook message earlier this week that Pete Perry, the chairman of the Hinds County Republican Party, “is paying James ‘Scooby Doo’ Warren thousands of dollars to funnel to black preachers and others to get-out-the-vote for Cochran.”

“He is working with Lane (LC) Murray and probably also Greg Brand,” Cole added in his message.

“Large sums of cash are being passed around. These guys are old school ‘walking around money’ vote buyers,” Cole wrote.

In an interview with Breitbart News, Perry denied directly giving money to James “Scooby Doo” Warren, and said he hoped the money from a super PAC backing Cochran routed through a company he controls wasn’t being used to pay people to vote. But Perry wouldn’t explain where the $60,000 from the super PAC had gone, and “Scooby Doo” later confirmed to the Clarion-Ledger he was being paid to help Cochran campaign with Democrats.

On Friday morning, black Mississippi conservative radio host Kim Wade of WYAB posted on Facebook that many black pastors throughout the state are “on the take.”

“Ok, here the going rate being paid by the GOP for cross over votes Tues,” Wade wrote. “The bag man is dispensing $5000 a pop. Their contact will pay the pastor $2000 cash if instruction to go out and vote for Thad comes from the pulpit. $1000 cash to the pastor if the pastor allows a 3rd party to make the appeal. Individuals are to be offered $25.00 to vote. Most of that money is usually kept by the pastor and his money contact and they just make the appeal to their members. 

“So if you get the appeal this Sunday. You can take it to the bank your pastor is on the take. If your pastor will take money under the table. He’ll take it off the top of the table.”

Murray said he’s definitely not involved in the Democrat GOTV strategy for Cochran at all. “No sir, no sir.”

Many McDaniel supporters and conservative leaders have called for the state GOP to intervene to stop Cochran’s supporters from trying to bring Democrats into the GOP primary. Ex-Department of Justice Civil Rights Division attorney J. Christian Adams told Breitbart News it’s illegal for Democrats to vote in the GOP primary, or vice versa, if those voters do not intend to support that candidate in the general election in November. The brouhaha has sparked state GOP chairman Joe Nosef to denounce anyone who tries to buy votes—and call for only Republicans who intend to support the GOP nominee in November to vote in Tuesday’s runoff.

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Defense of Child Rapist is Hillary’s Seamus the Dog Story

In a presidential campaign the candidate’s biography is everything. That’s why the media pushed a three decade old story about Mitt Romney’s dog at every opportunity. It’s why they have no excuse but to give Hillary Clinton’s defense of a 41-year-old man who raped a 12-year-old girl the same attention.

In 2012 the entire political world was seized by fascination with a three decade old story about a dog. Back in 1983, Romney put Seamus the dog in a carrier on the roof of the family station wagon. The dog became sick and Romney cleaned it off with a hose and kept driving.

Despite the fact that the story was 1) not remotely political and 2) the definition of old news, Democrats, their media allies and even some of Romney’s Republican rivals decided the story needed much more attention. Throughout 2012 they succeeded in making sure millions of people heard the tale.

The single person who probably did the most to focus attention on Seamus was Gail Collins of the NY Times. By March 2012, Collins had mentioned the story so many times (77 according to this bloggers count) that she felt the need to explain herself. She wrote, “I’ve made a kind of game of trying to mention Seamus every time I write about Mitt Romney.”

Needless to say, MSNBC was all over the Seamus story. If you have lots of time on your hands you can review segments devoted to the story by Rachel Maddow, Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews, and Chris Matthews again. To bring things full circle Lawrence O’Donnell discussed the story’s impact with Gail Collins and, in a later hit, discussed it with Dana Milbank who brought along his dog as a prop.

There were also in innumerable number of stories published online about the incident. Here’s one at NPR, an explainer at the Washington Post, another at the Boston Globe, the New Yorker even made the Seamus story it’s cover, albeit with Rick Santorum in the dog house on the roof. David Letterman weighed in and highlighted the story in his monologue asking, “You want that guy in the oval office…Tied his dog to the roof of a car. That’s the guy?”

The campaign to make Seamus a campaign story hit a bump in the road when conservative bloggers, led by Jim Treacher at the Daily Caller, responded by noting young Barack Obama had once eaten dog according to his own biography. But even so the Seamus story never died. Early in the year Newt Gingrich released a web ad mentioning the story and Rick Santorum’s campaign also tried to keep it in the public eye. Later, as their fortunes in the race waned, Seamus’ story was kept alive by the DNC chairwoman. In August was fully resurrected thanks to a comment by President Obama during a campaign stop in Iowa.

The rationale behind elevating the story was never very hard to discern. It made Romney appear callous in a way that was easy to understand, even for people who were not political. Americans may not have had a clear sense about Romney’s business dealings or his history on health care reform but they understood pets. Seamus was a story driven by the elite to nudge low information voters away from Mitt Romney.

So here we are a couple years later and the pre-campaign book tour by Hillary Clinton is off the ground. Polls show she is, by far, the most popular Democrat who could run. And then, earlier this week, a reporter at the Free Beacon published audio of Hillary reminiscing about her defense of a 41-year-old man who raped a 12-year-old girl. Not only did Clinton agree to take the case when asked, she seems to have gone all out for a client she knew at the time was guilty. Worst of all, she blamed the victim in an affidavit filed with the court:

In a July 28, 1975, court affidavit, Clinton wrote that she had been informed the young girl was “emotionally unstable” and had a “tendency to seek out older men and engage in fantasizing.

“I have also been told by an expert in child psychology that children in early adolescence tend to exaggerate or romanticize sexual experiences and that adolescents in disorganized families, such as the complainant’s, are even more prone to exaggerate behavior,” Clinton said.

Today, in a story at the Daily Beast, the victim of the rape claims those representations to the court were lies. The Beast reports, “The victim vigorously denied Clinton’s accusations and said there has never been any explanation of what Clinton was referring to in that affidavit. She claims she never accused anyone of attacking her before her rape.”

Already we have a story that utterly surpasses Seamus the dog in terms of cruelty and therefore also in terms of impact on a candidate’s biography. A woman who has built her political identify in no small part on her role as a defender of children and who is the most likely inheritor of the Democrats “war on women” campaign theme may have lied to a court to defend a 12-year-old’s rapist. That is a devastating charge.

But layered on top of Hillary’s questionable behavior in the case itself is her bizarre demeanor when discussing it a few years later. She makes jokes about the fact that her client passed a polygraph test. She is amused by the stupidity of the crime lab. This isn’t a low moment in her career. She clearly sees it as a win for herself with none of the famous Clinton empathy which made her husband so charismatic.

And that’s still not all. On top of Hillary’s questionable behavior in the case and ice cold attitude toward the 12-year-old victim in retrospect, there is compelling evidence the media suppressed the story in 2008 fearing that it might impact Hillary’s chances in the presidential race.

On top of that, the Library from which the audio was taken has now told the Free Beacon it must remove the recording from its site because, apparently, the Beacon forgot to fill out some form it says it was never provided. The fact that the author of the letter to the Beacon was a Hillary Clinton donor seems like another angle on the story ripe for further investigation.

This is quite simply a devastating story which cuts the heart out of Hillary Clinton’s biography. It’s potent for the same reason the Seamus story was. It doesn’t require any political expertise to grasp. Child rapists are scumbags and lawyers who make things up to protect them from jail time are repulsive to most Americans. Will Gail Collins make a “kind of game” out of mentioning this incident every time she writes about Hillary Clinton? I wouldn’t bet on it but someone certainly should.

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