Historically Blue Texas County Goes Red

For the first time in its 144 year history, Texas’ San Jacinto County is now a red county. 

San Jacinto Republican Party Chair Dwayne Wright’s slogan is “Results, not Excuses.” Elected in the Republican Primary in 2014 when he ran against the sitting Republican Party Chair, Wright was true to his campaign promise to work hard, and work smart, and Republicans dominated in November’s elections. Carl Tepper, President of the Texas Republican Party County Chair Association (TRCCA), told Wright that he “just might be the best county chairman in the state of Texas right now.”    

San Jacinto County elected Republicans in district court, district attorney, county judge, sheriff, and county clerk and treasurer races. The margins of victory ranged from 6 to 37 points. The precinct races were tight, and Republican loses were by 95 to 399 votes. County Judge-Elect John Lovett defeated the 12-year incumbent by 6 points, and County Clerk-Elect Dawn Wright defeated the 28-year incumbent by 17 points. Dawn Wright is Dwayne Wright’s wife. The couple moved to the county in 2003, the year after they got married. 

San Jacinto County is named after the 1836 Battle of San Jacinto. The battle fortified independence from Mexico and established Texas as a republic. Republican grassroots leaders and activists in the county, similar to the brave men in the Texian army, were committed to break the cycle of dominance. This writer has seen first-hand their resolute and skilled execution of their battle plan, and also attended the San Jacinto County Republican Club meeting in fall 2013 when fellow Breitbart Texas writer Bob Price was the keynote speaker. Price brought its members a can of red paint and encouraged them to “Paint the County Red!”

County Chair Wright brought the county party into this century with a new website, and Facebook and Twitter accounts. Twitter followers now number over 9,400 individuals and organizations. He utilized online marketing. The new website contrasts Republican and Democrat views on gun control, Obamacare, tax cuts, a balanced budget, domestic oil exploration, abortion, and school prayer.

Wright created political campaign signs that resonated with county voters.  The signs included his website and contained captions like “Had Enough?  Vote Republican! “, and “Vote Republican: We can’t afford anymore change! ” Another sign bearing the caption “Proud Member of the Obama Team ” and an arrow, was strategically placed next to yard signs of Democrat candidates with the arrow pointing at their signs.

The Republican Party of Texas has utilized Wright to teach social media in Senate District 3. The local Party is now able to hold these events in its new headquarters. The organization has outgrown two offices since June. The new one has separate classroom and conference areas.

The County has four constables, two of which have famous namesakes (no relation known) – Sam Houston and Roy Rogers.  Constable Rogers, whose term ends on December 31st, 2016, officially switched parties and joined the Republican Party on November 19th. 

The Democrat reign that has existed since 1870 has ended in San Jacinto County. The Republican County Chair and his determined soldiers set strategic goals and through faith, creativity, and hard work were successful. Every county, Republican or not, can be inspired by their decisive battle. Breitbart Texas will continue to cover Texas counties and their efforts to stay, be, or turn red.

Lana Shadwick is a contributing writer and legal analyst for Breitbart Texas. Follow her on Twitter @LanaShadwick2.

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GOP Staffer Grovels, Apologizes For Admonishing Obama’s Daughters

Editor’s Note: This gloating story originally appeared in today’s edition of the Huffington Post. 

A Republican staffer on Friday apologized for a Facebook post that criticized Malia and Sasha Obama’s appearance at the annual White House turkey pardon ceremony, one of America’s silliest holiday traditions.

Elizabeth Lauten, the communications director for Rep. Stephen Fincher (R-Tenn.), wrote that the two teenagers should “try showing a little class,” “dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar,” and, most of all, “don’t make faces” at Very Serious public events.

Read the full rant via Gawker:

Dear Sasha and Malia, I get you’re both in those awful teen years, but you’re a part of the First Family, try showing a little class. At least respect the part you play. Then again your mother and father don’t respect their positions very much, or the nation for that matter, so I’m guessing you’re coming up a little short in the ‘good role model’ department. Nevertheless, stretch yourself. Rise to the occasion. Act like being in the White House matters to you. Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar. And certainly don’t make faces during televised public events.

Read the full story here. 

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PAC Organizes to Oust Anti-Common Core Arizona Superintendent

Common Core supporters have organized a coalition in Arizona to recall newly elected state school superintendent Diane Douglas, who ran primarily an anti-Common Core campaign.

According to Capitol Media Services, the Coalition to Recall Diane Douglas has filed with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office. Maxwell Goshert, the group’s treasurer, said he predicts this initial step will ultimately lead to Douglas’ ouster within a year.

Nevertheless, Douglas must be in office for six months prior to recall signature collection. The state’s constitution also requires the coalition to collect the signatures of 25 percent of the people who voted in the most recent gubernatorial election to permit a recall vote, or, approximately 367,000 signatures.

The report indicates, however, that recall organizers will actually need 450,000 signatures, considering that some will be disqualified during the verification process. The coalition will likely need to hire paid circulators to obtain the necessary signatures during a 120-day window.

“She has six months to prove herself to voters,” said Goshert. “But we believe we’re not going to be impressed by what she does in the next six months in office.”

Douglas, a former president of the Peoria Unified School District Governing Board, narrowly defeated her Democrat opponent, David Garcia, an associate professor of education. During her campaign, she referred to the Common Core standards as “controlled by federal bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., or ivory-tower academics or quite frankly people who just want to make a dollar off our poor children.”

Douglas insists she will be listening to parents and teachers regarding education policy.

Garcia is a proponent of the Common Core and has said the controversial standards will ensure that students have college and career-ready skills. Despite support from many establishment Republicans, including two former state school superintendents who support Common Core, Garcia lost the race.

“[I]t’s going to take a lot of momentum to make people aware of who she is, what she is trying to do,” Goshert said.

Douglas’ victory is a sore spot for Common Core proponents, since Republican Governor-elect Doug Ducey also referred to the standards as “imposed top-down from Washington” during his campaign, according to a report in March at AZCentral.com.

“Educational standards are an important and necessary tool to ensure Arizona’s schools are properly educating our students,” Ducey said. “However, I believe we can do better than the standards currently tied to funding from the federal government.”

“Ideally, such standards should come from the state itself and not be imposed top-down from Washington,” he continued. “The federal government’s recent track record on important issues (health care, spending, budgets, and border security, to name a few) has been dismal.”

According to Arizona Daily Independent, however, Ducey announced last week that his new subcommittee on education will include Lisa Graham Keegan, who endorsed Douglas’ challenger, and is a Common Core proponent. During the campaign, Keegan attacked Douglas, stating she was “promoting a sort of a paranoia” by opposing the nationalized standards. Keegan referred to Douglas’ opposition to the Common Core as “destructive.”

Ducey also is including Matthew Ladner in his new subcommittee on education. Ladner has worked closely with Common Core champion Jeb Bush, and reportedly received an award for his work from Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education.

In his announcement about the education subcommittee, Ducey reportedly claimed he was looking “forward to working with the education professionals on this committee to identify the best policies to improve our schools, find the most talented people to assume key positions in my administration and ensure we are putting Arizona students, teachers and parents first.”

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EXCLUSIVE – Holocaust Survivor: ‘I’m Thankful’

The following article is by Martin Greenfield, author of the new memoir Measure of a Man: From Auschwitz Survivor to Presidents’ Tailor (Regnery). 

Experiencing and expressing gratitude should never feel clichéd.

I’m thankful. 

I’m thankful that seventy years ago at Auschwitz, despite my mother, grandparents, two sisters, and 5-year-old baby brother being sent to Hitler’s ovens, I was spared.

I’m thankful for the nameless older Jewish inmate inside the Nazi laundry who taught me how to sew, a skill I’ve used now for decades as a master tailor to Hollywood stars and U.S. presidents.

I’m thankful for the last conversation I had with my father inside the concentration camp before we were separated and he was later murdered. “You are young and strong, and I know you will survive,” he told me in a quiet moment our first night at Auschwitz. “If you survive by yourself, you must honor us by living, by not feeling sorry for us. That is what you must do.”

I’m grateful for those words. They echo in my heart even still. It was a gift only a father’s wisdom could give. It gave me a reason to go forward, a reason to be. It does still. And I’m grateful.

I’m thankful that in the winter of 1945, the stupid-looking wooden clogs the Nazis made me wear did not give out in the unrelenting snows we encountered over many miles during the Death March from Buna to Gleiwitz. Even as the German soldiers turned our column into a moving shooting gallery, for some unknown reason, God kept their guns off me, sparing me the fate of the scores of frozen frames that lay littered across the land, embalmed in glacial graves.

I’m grateful. I’m grateful for the hundreds of thousands of American boys led by Allied Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower—whom I later made suits for—and their willingness to fight and die to destroy Hitler’s death machine.

I’m thankful.

I’m thankful that when I arrived in America, penniless and unable to speak and read English, I encountered a kind and patient American English teacher who taught night classes at Erasmus High School in New York. When she learned of my fascination with baseball, she agreed to attend a Brooklyn Dodgers game. Ebbets Field proved to be the ultimate American classroom. There, she turned the baseball diamond into a chalkboard. She made me pronounce every position and read every billboard.

Around the eighth inning, I looked out across the lush green field and up into the clear blue sky. I was struck by the improbability of the moment. My life was a miracle. The crack of a baseball bat had replaced the smack and sting of a flogging stick. I had friends. I had newly discovered family members in America. I had a green card. I had a job and a chance. I had Jackie Robinson.

A rush of gratitude overcame me—a feeling that my life had a meaning and purpose that I couldn’t fathom, that by some astonishing act of divine benevolence I’d been one of the fortunate few who were spared the flames.

I was grateful then, I am grateful now.

I’m thankful for my wife, Arlene, who loves and supports me, and did through all those years when my night terrors awoke her from her sleep.

I’m thankful for my two sons, Tod and Jay, who run our “only in America” hand-tailored suit business in Brooklyn.

I’m thankful for grandchildren who will never know how much every hug, every fleeting smile means to a man who became an orphan when he was 15.

I’m grateful.

I’m grateful that for some grace-filled reason, against all logic and probability, God led Americans to fight for me, to save me, to claim me as one of their own, to nurture me with opportunities, and to help me build a home where I could love and raise my family in my beloved America.

I’m left with nothing but gratitude and joy for my life.

I pray the same for you.

Martin Greenfield is the author of the new memoir, Measure of a Man: From Auschwitz Survivor to Presidents’ Tailor 

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Claire McCaskill Denies Hating Cardinal Raymond Burke

Shortly after Senate Democrats voted earlier this month to name Harry Reid their leader, Reid sat down with the The New York Times and vented about Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, who earlier that day declined to vote for him.

Reid talked about attending the funeral of former Missouri Senator Tom Eagleton some years ago and spending hours with then-St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke, recently demoted by Pope Francis.

“After the funeral, we went to [Burke’s] home; I don’t know what it’s called. A very nice place. And we talked about nothing. Now Claire McCaskill and others just hate the man,” said Reid.

Over the years, the pro-abortion McCaskill had her fill of trouble with the conservative prelate. In fact, Burke got her disinvited as the commencement speaker at her own daughter’s Catholic high school.

Even so, McCaskill’s office flatly denied she hates Cardinal Burke. Her spokesman said, “Those were Harry Reid’s words, not Claire’s; she would never use the word ‘hate’ when talking about the church.”

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