Church of England ‘May Split’ Over Gay Marriage, Warns Archbishop

The Church of England may split despite the Archbishop of Canterbury’s best efforts to hold it together, as the views of evangelical men and the rest of the Anglican Communion are drifting further apart over issues such as gay marriage and abortion.

In his address to the General Synod last week, Archbishop Welby told members that he had made 14 trips over the last 18 months to visit Primates in all parts of the world. What he found is that the worldwide Anglican Communion is “a flourishing Communion but also a divided Communion.”

He warned “Our divisions may be too much to manage. In many parts of the Communion, including here, there is a belief that opponents are either faithless to the tradition, or by contrast that they are cruel, judgemental, inhuman. I have to say that we are in a state so delicate that without prayer and repentance, it is hard to see how we can avoid some serious fractures.”

His words are supported by a recent survey commissioned by the Westminister Faith Debates from YouGov, in which 1,500 Church of England clergy were asked for their opinions. It found that “a relatively small group of the most evangelical male clergy” could provide a barrier to the unity that the Archbishop calls for, Christian Today has reported.

Approximately one in three clergy identified themselves as evangelical, but the survey threw up some profound differences of opinion between them and the rest of the Communion. For example, 88 percent of the evangelicals believe that gay marriage is wrong, compared with just over a third of the rest of the clergy. Likewise, just 16 percent of the Anglican clergy in general would like to see abortion banned completely; a figure that doubled to 31 percent amongst the evangelicals.

According to the report on the survey, “While the majority of clergy support the aim of ‘maintaining unity by being more tolerant of diverse views’, two thirds of the evangelical clergy disagree, contending either that the Church should seek greater uniformity of views or else that it should not be afraid of separating amicably along doctrinal and ethical lines.”

Specifically, the survey found that evangelical men upheld this view, as 68 percent of evangelical men disagree with supporting greater tolerance, against 61 percent of evangelical women who supported the principle.

In his address, Archbishop Welby said “the future of the Communion requires sacrifice. The biggest sacrifice is that we cannot only work with those we like, and hang out with those whose views are also ours.  Groups of like-minded individuals meeting to support and encourage each other may be necessary, indeed often are very necessary, but they are never sufficient. Sufficiency is in loving those with whom we disagree. What may be necessary in the way of party politics, is not sufficient in what might be called the polity of the Church.”

However, other commentators have suggested that a split may be more preferable. Prof Linda Woodhead of Lancaster University told Christian Today “My view is that it would be much better to enable people to function in smaller groups and enable people to do their own thing rather than to try to hold on to a lowest common denominator.

“If I were in church leadership and saw these statistics I would think very hard about whether I really wanted to cast things loose rather than trying to keep people together. It would lessen tensions and release a lot of energy.”

Academic and blogger Rev Dr Ian Paul said that Archbishop Welby values unity, but not above all other considerations. “On the question of same-sex marriage, the heart of the question is precisely whether this can be considered one of the adiaphora, a subject on which we can agree to disagree, or whether a change of the Church’s position would go to the heart of Anglican identity by changing its relationship with Scripture as the key source of its theological views.

“So the views of male evangelical clergy are not an ‘obstacle’ to Justin’s goal. Rather, they highlight what this debate is about: can we agree to disagree, or is this issue more central than that?” he said. He also pointed out that evangelical congregations tend to be larger than others, so opposition to same sex marriage within the church as a whole may be under-estimated.

For Rev Simon Austen, who is a member of the council of the conservative evangelical Reform group, doctrine derived from scripture is more important than adhering to the changing moral fashions of the modern world.

“We are not able to believe whatever we want. We have a framework that defines our unity,” he said. “The real issue is over that which jeopardises our salvation. If the Church of England were to say, ‘This is not really sinful and you don’t need to repent of it,’ it would be redefining salvation. It would be very difficult if one part were to say that you need to repent of this behaviour and another part were to say that you don’t.”

He added: “I think what we need to help the world realise is the wonderful grace that calls us to a different life, and have confidence in that. We are not just in the business of mirroring what the world thinks. We bring something wonderfully different.”

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Report: All UK Population Growth From Migrant Families in 25 Years

A new study has cast doubt on the government’s official immigration figures, claiming that a higher than previously thought 84 percent of population growth this century so far has been caused by migration, and that figure could rise to 100 percent in 25 years. 

The remarkable figures come from Sir Andrew Green’s respected think-tank MigrationWatch UK, who have crunched the latest data and have presented a report which suggests the way population and fertility figures are presented by the government is misleading. The report points out that while official figures place population growth due to migration at an already high 57 percent, this “understates the demographic power of migration”, and that many of the children being born to this country are to immigrant parents. 

Once this is factored in, the figure rises to 84 percent – meaning only a small fraction of population growth in the UK is down to long settled families. Indeed, the findings explain the unprecedented population explosion this century which has come despite a plummeting fertility rate for British families, as women put off having children for professional reasons.

Remarkably the 4.6 million growth this century from 2001 to 2012 is higher than the 4.5 million population increase Britain experienced from 1965 to 2000, making Britain the fastest growing country in Europe. The population is expected to grow another ten million in the next twenty years. 

Even if the government hit its target promise of reducing net migration, something the Home Secretary conceded was not seriously going to happen at the weekend this still wouldn’t reverse the enormous demographic changes in Britain, according to Sir Andrew. He said: “The reality is that even if net migration is brought down to 165,000 a year, we will, in the next 25 years, have to build the equivalent of ten cities the size of Birmingham — amounting to almost twice the population of Scotland.

“This would place enormous stress on our already creaking infrastructure and on our environment. and it would also change the nature of British society for ever”. It is thought net migration is presently running close to quarter of a million a year. 

The report claimed that the fertility rate is now so low for British families, now well below the 2.1 children per couple required for a stable population, that by 2041 the number of settled Brits will be in steady decline, and a remarkable 100 percent of all population growth in the UK, will be from migrants and their children. 

Noting the demographic changes that have occurred since the opening of borders that occurred under the last government, James Brokenshire, the immigration and security minister defended the present government’s record. Although there has been no control of European migration, he pointed to the reduction of migrants from the rest of the world, including from places such as Australia and Canada, where the majority of residents are the descendants of British settlers.

The Times reported the ministers words: “Uncontrolled, mass immigration of the kind we saw under the last government makes it difficult to maintain social cohesion, puts pressure on public services and forces down wages. That’s why our focus remains on controlling migration at sustainable levels.

“Our reforms have led to net migration from outside the EU falling to levels not seen since the 1990s”.

The United Kingdom isn’t the only country grappling with the demographic change caused by the native population having less children during an era of unprecedented migration. Although the population of Denmark is growing steadily, the Danish government has acknowledged this is down to migration, and have expressed concern that native Danes are having less children than ever. 

The nation’s wildly successful sex education programme, which teaches abstinence and safe sex has been blamed, as has mothers putting off childbirth for careers. In Denmark, one in five couples will have no children at all, as they opt for a professional lifestyle instead. 

Breitbart London reported last month on a new sex-ed programme will teach children that waiting until the age of 30 to begin a family is too late, because at that point “half of our reproduction capabilities have disappeared”.

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FSU Shooting Victim Had CCP But Couldn’t Carry On Campus

One the victims wounded in the November 20 attack on the Florida State University (FSU) campus had a concealed carry permit (CCP) but was not allowed to carry his gun on campus for self-defense because of Florida law.

A bill to change that law and allow campus carry was thwarted by current FSU President John Thrasher in 2011, when he was a state senator. 

According to Students for Concealed Carry at Florida State (SCCFS), shooting victim Nathan Scott has a CCP, but the campus carry ban rendered him defenseless when 31-year-old Myron May opened fire. In other words, although he had “the training and skills necessary to end the shooting… [Scott was] powerless due to Florida’s laws.” 

The Miami Herald reports that news of the FSU shooting, and the defenseless posture it left students in, has already stirred lawmakers to talk about lifting the campus carry ban. House speaker Steve Crisafulli (R-Merritt Island) said a time of grieving over the FSU tragedy needs to be honored, after which the legislature “will consider all factors that contribute to stopping tragedies like this from happening in the future.” 

SCCFS is calling on FSU President Thrasher to change his position on campus carry and support the right for students with CCPs to carry handguns for self-defense. 

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Lone Libertarian Stands up to Ferguson Protest at UCLA

Students at the University of California Los Angeles held a protest in solidarity with demonstrators in Ferguson, Missouri and around the country on Tuesday, as they blasted the grand jury’s decision not to prosecute police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown in August.

 A lone UCLA student who stood outside of the Powell Library on UCLA’s campus holding up a sign that read, “There is no strong evidence suggesting Officer Wilson is guilty of murder,” was blocked by a group of fellow female student activists who disagreed with him. They tried to subdue his message by holding up signs of their own and chanting calls for “justice.”

“it’s very dangerous to accuse someone of something that there is no hard proof for. We have people out here saying that Officer Wilson is a murderer… and they are assertive [about it]. But, from my own review of what is online, there is no hard evidence to go either way,” the counter-demonstrator, Carlos Sotelo, told Breitbart News in an interview after the incident occurred. 

Sotelo told Breitbart News that it was his first time protesting on campus, and that he is a fifth-year computer science major who was born and raised in Tijuana. He completed high school is a town called Calexico, Mexico before moving to California to attend UCLA after high school. 

“They say that I’m a FOX News lover, that I’m a Christian conservative, none of which I am,” he said, noting that he considers himself a libertarian. “I’ve been a Democrat my entire life…people don’t really think for themselves; they just follow what other people are saying.” 

At least six students stood in front of Sotelo, while a crowd of at least 60 gathered, looking on in apparent bewilderment at how he could believe that Officer Wilson possibly acted out of self-defense. 

Shouts of, “We refuse to live this way, no more! It stops today,” were accompanied by posters with the faces of several other deceased youth whose lives were taken by police fire; in addition to Michael Brown, posters with images of Treyvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Omar Abrego, and Ezell Ford were held up. 

One of the students who tried blocking Sotelo held up a sign that read: “Hate is easy, love takes courage.” 

Despite his being outnumbered, and the overwhelming attempts to drown out his message and voice, Sotelo said, “I don’t feel defeated at all. What rewarded me today was when I stood by in the hallways and I saw people looking at the sign…and they just looked at me, smiled and gave me a nod and walked away. For me that was enough.”

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Giuliani: ‘No Question’ Grand Jury Could Not Indict

Tuesday afternoon on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” Tapper asked former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani whether he had ever prosecuted a case like the one in Ferguson during his time as a federal prosecutor.

“It’s unusual, the grand jury situation in this case, it was unusual that the prosecutor didn’t build a case the way it’s usually done,” Tapper began. “He presented all of the evidence and let the grand jury decide as opposed to making a suggestion and a recommendation.”

“When you were a U.S. attorney, did you ever present a case like that?” Tapper asked.

“Unusual, but not unique,” Giuliani explained. “This is a situation in which I don’t think the prosecutor knew himself what the right answer was, se he presented it to a grand jury. And when you read the testimony, I have to admit I haven’t read all of it, I’ve read about 200 pages… there’s no question that they couldn’t indict.”

“Even the description you just heard, that there were many conflicting stories. Many conflicting stories means you couldn’t possibly prove this case. When there’s conflict, you can’t prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and this grand jury came to the conclusion that there wasn’t even probable cause to believe he committed a crime.”

“If you have to read just one thing, read the interview of witness number 10. His testimony completely, 100 percent corroborates everything the police officer said. And he said the reason he came forward was because he was so upset that people were lying about the fact that Mr. Brown had put his hands up, because that never happened. And of course, at least four people perjured themselves about Mr. Brown being shot in the back. Do you know how powerful that testimony would be at a trial?”

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