California Assemblyman: Obama Admin ‘Completing the Work’ of Smugglers

HOUSTON, Texas–As a never-ending flow of illegal immigrants continue to enter South Texas, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has been transporting many of the foreigners to states around the country including California. California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly told Breitbart Texas that by releasing illegal immigrants onto U.S. soil, law enforcement is “completing the work” of human traffickers.

After illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, the foreigners enjoy a slew of taxpayer subsidized benefits including food, housing, education, vocational training, recreation, and even legal counsel. Subsequent to spending a relatively short amount of time in the custody of federal agents, most of the illegal immigrants are then released. They promise authorities they will show up in court at a later date for an immigration hearing.

By releasing illegal immigrants, “U.S. law enforcement agencies are completing the work of traffickers and smugglers,” Donnelly asserted. “We have become enablers, and are complicit in the trafficking.”

Donnelly said that many of the minors entering the U.S. illegally are “being brought in with a phone number belonging to someone they claim is a cousin or another family member.” Agents, however, are apparently “not allowed” to verify that the contact is in the country illegally, or whether or not they are even a family member of the migrant. 

The assemblyman believes that many of the supposed “family members” are actually cartel members. He asked, “How do authorities intend to protect these children?”

Earlier this week Donnelly penned a letter addressed to California Child Protective Services, California Border Patrol, Riverside Child Protective Services and the Executive Director of the United State Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In it, he asserted that the migrants must be returned to their parents in South America for their own protection. 

“These children are being sent to our country by the drug cartels with only a phone number of a contact in our state,” he wrote. “The Border Patrol have been instructed they are not to check the backgrounds or immigration status of the contacts state side. In other words, our government has completed the drug cartels communication ring at taxpayer expense and no government agency is doing their duty to prevent this from happening.”

On June 4th Breitbart Texas’ Managing Director Brand Darby broke the news that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) would be relocating illegal immigrants from Texas to California. Within moments of that story being published, the official Twitter account of the San Diego CBP tweeted at Darby, insisting the report was “erroneous” and asking for it to be removed from the internet.

Days later the San Diego CBP deleted the tweet from their official account. Subsequent reports, outlining plans to fly immigrants to Southern California, proved CBP had indeed planned the relocation all along. 

So far, many residents in Donnelly’s state have made it clear they do not support the relocation of illegal immigrants to California. On Tuesday 140 illegal immigrants were transported via plane to San Diego and then bussed to a federal housing facility in Murrieta. A large crowd of angry U.S. citizens protested the migrants’ arrival, which prompted agents to turn the bus around. 

Patrice Lynes, the organizer of the Murrieta protests, told Michelle Moons of Breitbart News that she and others want the U.S. to repatriate illegal immigrants to their home countries.

Donnelly concluded, “President Obama is the human trafficker-in-chief. I’ve called for his impeachment. It is the duty of the federal government is to secure our border.”

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Household Recycling is State-Endorsed Slavery

Recycling is authoritarian, demeaning and an unutterable waste of time, energy and money. No surprise, then, that the European Union is planning to force its vassal states to do much, much more of it.

Last week, the European Commission proposed its most draconian waste disposal legislation yet: a plan requiring 70 per cent of all municipal waste and 80 per cent of packaging waste to be recycled by 2030; a total ban of the landfill of recyclable waste by 2025, aiming “to virtually eliminate landfill” by 2030.

As even the Guardian quietly concedes, this is an impossible ambition:

The new targets will be difficult for the UK to meet, as recycling rates have recently stagnated after a period of rapid growth in the past decade. According to figures released by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) in November, 43.2% of waste in England was recycled in 2012-13. That figure was just 12% in 2001 but the UK is still well behind Austria and Germany, which recycle 63% and 62% of their waste respectively.

But that won’t, of course, stop the green activists who have hijacked our councils (in accordance with Local Agenda 21) using it as an excuse to inflict further hairshirt misery on householders. On average, councils in Britain expect residents to sort their waste into four separate containers; but with some local authorities it’s as many as seven boxes or multi-coloured bags. The record is held by Newcastle-under-Lyme which has nine different bins, bags and boxes.

This is the most extraordinary imposition on people’s time. Research from Seattle suggests that it takes a typical household about 45 minutes per week to recycle its rubbish. In the US that works out at ninety million hours expended every week dividing green glass from brown glass from cardboard from aluminum from paper from plastic, etc. In the UK, that’s about 18.2 million man-hours per week which we’re never going to get back.

It is, of course, a petty authoritarian’s dream come true: councils have acquired for themselves the powers to fine taxpayers (yes, note, taxpayers: people who ought to be treated like customers not supplicants) who fail to put the right rubbish in the correct bag on the right day. Academics have even developed a BinCam – a camera inside a dustbin – which one day could be used by councils to spy on people to enforce environmental correctness.

If it weren’t for the gloss of environmental faux-righteousness covering these eco-fascistic measures, we’d recognise them for what they were: state-endorsed slavery. Since when, outside the penal system, did government acquire the power to force citizens to perform menial, useless tasks for free?

What’s worse is that these tedious tasks are entirely unnecessary.

The point was made very well in a Spectator article – The Great Recycling Myth – earlier this year which began:

My frail elderly mother has recently moved in with us in Epsom and in so doing has joined the 15 million people worldwide who spend their days sorting through rubbish. Mum, however, does not get paid $1 a day. She does it for nothing. This is because we now have five separate bins and every morning she and the other 10,000-plus members of Surrey’s army of housewives sort through their rubbish to make sure it all goes into the right one.

Yet, as the author Michael Ware pointed out, all this sorting can be done much more quickly, easily and economically by machine. He should know: he works in the waste industry.

We are the generation that built the large hadron collider. Do you really think that it has been beyond human ingenuity to invent a simple and cheap machine that can distinguish a tin can from a glass bottle? Of course it hasn’t, and there is now a whole industry supplying clever bits of technology to separate your unsorted rubbish into the component parts of glass, metal, food, paper and plastic. One of my clients even has a machine that uses reflected light to distinguish between different types of plastic and different colours.

That presupposes, of course, that any of this recycling is even necessary in the first place. Which on the whole it isn’t because the economic and energy costs of recycling outweigh any benefits. Greens often try to wriggle round this awkward fact by presenting it as a “space” issue. But in Britain, certainly, this argument holds no water, as Richard North notes here.

Far from running out of space, as the Commission constantly asserts, the UK is producing approximately 70 million cubic metres of municipal waste each year, while it has over 819 million cubic metres available for landfill and is creating about 114 million cubic metres of new space each year, mainly from quarrying and gravel extraction.

Given that refuse could also be used for reclaiming land from the sea, there is no likelihood of any shortage of landfill space, now or in the foreseeable future.

That does not, of course, stop multitudinous media outlets prattling about a “shortage”, but this is entirely artificial, driven by the refusal of licensing authorities to permit the development of new sites, and because of the swingeing “landfill tax” imposed by central government, aimed at deterring the use of landfill for waste disposal.

If you’re still in any doubt that recycling is a complete waste of time, read this classic article on the subject by John Tierney in the New York Times.

Recycling has nothing to do with saving the planet. It’s about asceticism, control-freakery and obeisance to the green religion.

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Hackers Implant False Tweet on IDF Site Warning of Nuclear Leak

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed to the Jerusalem Post early Friday morning that its social networking account was hacked Thursday night and that false tweets were implanted on the site. One tweet read: “Possible nuclear leak in the region after 2 rockets hit Dimona nuclear facility.” 

Once the IDF noticed the tweet, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit removed it immediately. 

Earlier Thursday, terrorists from Gaza fired roughly forty rockets into Israel, but none hit the Dimona nuclear research facility.

Following the false tweet, the IDF tweeted an apology to those who might have been unnerved. Their tweet read: “We apologize for the incorrect tweets. Our twitter account was compromised. We will combat terror on all fronts including the cyber dimension.”

The Syrian Electronic Army, which is a pro-Bashar Hafez al-Assad computer hackers’ group, claimed it was responsible for the false tweet. The group posted its claim on its own website along with the false tweet that had been implanted. Another tweet on their website read, “The whole ‘Israeli army’ propaganda was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army.”

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Germany Coerced into Adopting Its First Minimum Wage

German lawmakers on July 3rd approved the introduction of the country’s first national minimum wage of $11.75 per hour. For the last decade, Germany’s greater “labor flexibility” allowed its economy to flourish, while most of the other European Union members’ economies stagnated. Rather than embracing the policies that helped Germany succeed, other EU members have forced Germany to conform to the failed labor policies of many of its EU neighbors.

Germany was called the “sick man of Europe” in 2003. Approximately 4 million or 11.6% of its 34.5 million workforce was unemployed and on public assistance. Rather than join the chorus of defeat, Prime Minister Gerhard Schroeder of the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) unveiled a package of reforms that he called Agenda 2010.

The key elements of the reform package included the following: 1) expansion of flexible forms of employment such as temporary work, fixed-term contracts, and small-scale employment, referred to as “mini jobs;” 2) restrictions on welfare benefits for the unemployed; 3) providing incentives for the unemployed to accept part-time jobs; and 4) encouraging higher labor force participation for women and older persons.

The SPD until 2003 was known for promoting social values such as collective bargaining, workers’ rights, and the expansion of state benefits. However, Schroeder declared “We [Germany] will have to curtail the work of the state, encourage more individual responsibility, and require greater individual performance from each person. Every group in the society will have to contribute its share.”

Despite fierce domestic opposition from labor groups that saw reform as abandonment of social progress and Christian Democratic Union opposition leader Angela Merkel who derided reform as unambitious, nearly 90% of the ruling SPD Party members approved Agenda 2010 in June 2003. The effort to pass Agenda 2010 redefined the SPD from the servant of labor unions to the party of economic reform.

The practical impact of Agenda 2010 was to make Germany’s labor market much more flexible than its EU competitors. Making it easier for small businesses to fire employees lowered their risk of hiring them. Limiting unemployment benefits to one year, or 18 months for those older than 55, made workers less picky about the jobs they took.

By 2007, German growth had tripled to about a 1.5% rate, and unemployment fell from 11.6% to 8.5%. As the Great Recession drove unemployment up in the U.S. from 4.6% in 2007 to 9.0% in 2011, German unemployment fell to 7.1%. The unemployment rate continued to fall and is now at 5.1%. Even more impressive, German youth unemployment stands at 7.9% versus French youth unemployment which has risen to 23.1%.

Labor reforms have allowed Germany to become so internationally competitive that, since passage of Agenda 2010 in 2003, annual German exports rose from about $500 billion to $1.3 trillion. That compares to neighboring France where exports only grew by 25% to about $450 billion during the same period.

Germany’s success should have caused other EU countries, such as France and Italy, to change their inflexible labor laws. Instead, its neighbors demand that Germany conform to less labor flexibility by passing a minimum wage of $11.75.

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From July 15th to July 29th, Chriss Street will be teaching “Entrepreneurship and Capitalist Business Strategy” at Ho Chi Mihn University in Vietnam.

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Bolivian President Evo Morales Admits to Having Drunk Own Urine as Medicine

Bolivian President Evo Morales has begun a campaign to eliminate the indigenous Bolivian tradition of using urine to cure coughs and other mild diseases, admitting in a public statement that he had often used urine to cure himself in his youth at the behest of a local doctor.

“I was raised in the fields, and I cured myself with urine,” Morales stated at a public event to provide the town of Cochabamba with more modern medical equipment. “I grew up in the fields consuming lampaya and wira-wira to cure cough and, I lament to say, urine. When some doctor told me ‘drink urine, it is good,’ I would cure myself with urine, drinking urine,” he explained. “That was my medicine, we are from that family.” Morales, the first ethnically indigenous president of Bolivia, has long used his roots to reach out to rural indigenous Bolivians who have long felt alienated by the politics of La Paz.

Morales hosted the event in Cochabamba to promote the use of scientifically sanctioned medicine in indigenous areas, where such technology is often little known or rejected. The president gingerly suggested to the indigenous doctors of the region to, “with much respect, we must combine tradition medicine with science,” urging local doctors not to, among other things, encourage residents to drink urine. “There are still mothers today who cure their children with urine – it hurts, but it is true. That is the reality,” he told the crowd.

Morales has relied heavily on Cuba for many years to provide some medical aid. By 2008, over 2,000 Cuban doctors had visited and worked in the South American nation. Despite the aid from the impoverished communist Cuba, Bolivia’s medical situation is dubious at best in areas like the capital, La Paz, and critically damaged in rural areas. According to the United States embassy in the country, access to health care in rural areas is limited.

In addition to poverty issues limiting access to quality medicine, Bolivia was embroiled last year in a scandal in which individuals used false medical degrees obtained in Bolivia to practice medicine in other parts of South America. Fifteen Brazilian citizens were found to hold falsified degrees from the University of Cochabamba – fifteen confirmed cases of the alleged eighty initially brought to the attention of the authorities. Forty-one other falsified degrees allegedly conferred by other universities in Bolivia also made their way to Brazil.

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