Mexican Militiaman Who Stood Up to Cartels Murdered Along with His Family

A former Mexican cartel soldier who turned against the narco terrorists and joined the burgeoning Mexican militia movement has been found shot and tortured along with his wife and children in the Mexican state of Michoacan.

José Santiago Valencia Sandoval was once a soldier for the Knights Templar cartel in Michoacan but became disgusted by all the violence and murder. Eventually José joined the militia movement that started as a counter to the power of the cartels.

José wanted to protect his people from the murdering drug dealers but in some cases even the militias have started to become corrupt and dangerous.

“I do not tolerate injustice, and I am not going to represent something that I am fighting,” he told reporters from the Washington Post. “I want to send that message through the media.”

José claimed he made some videos that would name names and put some cartels members, and perhaps some crooked militiamen, in jail. All these action made the man and his family a target. This he understood all too well.

Sadly, last week José, his wife Blanca, daughter Bianca, 11, and sons José Santiago Perez, 16, and Bernabe Perez, 14, were all found murdered in the family pickup truck in nearby Jalisco.

In 2013, Mexican officials reported that there were 31,532 homicides in the country between January and November including 16,736 labeled as “intentional” murder and 14,796 as “negligent” manslaughter.

Some estimate that in Mexico there are 100 murders a day perpetrated by the drug cartels.

“Like Calderon before him, Peña Nieto (with the endorsement and support of the U.S. government) continues to wage a ‘war on drugs’ that kills an average of 1,500 people each month in Mexico,” Molly Molloy, a border expert at the New Mexico State University Library, told Breitbart last December. “Despite a cumulative death toll since 2006 of at least 150,000, neither the Mexicans nor the Americans provide any evidence that the drug supply has been diminished.”

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Source: Breitbart Feed

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