Democrats Down To Blaming Pollsters

Facing a tough election with an unpopular Democrat in the White House and an already less than motivated base, Democrats have now taken to blaming pollsters, a move that may be one part wishful thinking and twpo parts trying to keep even their more true believing base in place for November.

Democrats who do not want their party faithful to lose hope — particularly in a midterm election that will be largely decided on voter turnout — are taking aim at the pollsters, arguing that they are underestimating the party’s chances in November.

It appears to boil down to, who are you going to believe, those lying pollsters, or is it your lying eyes … telling you that after six years of Democrat policies driven by Obama’s White House, things don’t seem to be going as well as many voters want them to be as we approach the mid-term elections.

“Polling has become politicized like everything else in the current environment,” said Tobe Berkovitz, a Boston University professor who specializes in political communication. “The press has become more politicized, the reporting itself has become more politicized, and so, it is to be expected that polling is politicized.” 

Even President Clinton has suggested that the pollsters are getting it wrong, both in terms of the likely results and the assumptions that their projections are based upon.

Source: Breitbart Feed

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