Tom Craddick to File Legislation Banning Texting While Driving

State Representative Tom Craddick of Midland is hoping the third time’s a charm in his quest to ban texting while driving in Texas. The Republican announced Sunday that he will once again file legislation in the upcoming legislative session to ban the act, but told reporters he was not sure whether the next Governor would support it.

In 2011, Craddick filed legislation that would have banned drivers from reading, writing, and sending text messages or emails, and had the support of both the House and Texas Senate. However, Governor Rick Perry vetoed the legislation saying that he did not want government to micromanage behavior of adults. In 2013, a similar piece of legislation would have made texting while driving a misdemeanor but the legislation did not get very far since lawmakers knew Governor Perry opposed such a law.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, Craddick told a group at the Petroleum Museum in Midland that he would keep filing the legislation until it is passed.  “I’ve never had to introduce a bill three times before,” Craddick said at the Petroleum Museum in front of politicians, students, transportation officials and telecommunications industry representatives. “But we’re going to keep doing it and hopefully we’ll be able to get it passed.”

Craddick’s legislation seems as though it could have a better chance to pass the Governor’s desk if Wendy Davis becomes the next Governor. Davis was the co-author of the texting ban in the Senate in 2011 and has not changed her position on the issue. Breitbart News reached out to the Abbott campaign for comment and they echoed much of the sentiment of Governor Rick Perry. “Attorney General Abbott has been an assertive advocate against texting and driving. Greg Abbott partnered with the Texas Department of Public Safety to hold a series of events emphasizing the dangers of texting and driving — especially by young drivers. He supports laws already in place that prohibit cell phone use by young drivers and in school zones; but he is against additional government mandates that micromanage adult driving behavior. Greg Abbott will remain active in public awareness campaigns to inform all drivers about safe driving practices, including the dangers of texting while driving.”, Abe Huerta told Breitbart News.

While Craddick’s legislation may see a repeat of history, twenty-three Texas cities have banned texting while driving while other cities like Lubbock are contemplating a ban. The latest city in Texas to beef up their ordinance was Austin in late August. The Austin City Council voted to ban the use of portable electronic devices while driving or biking. The new ordinance in Austin, which had previously banned texting and driving, applies to MP3 players, cell phones, and any other electronic device that is hand-held.

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Source: Breitbart Feed

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